How to Get your Closets Ready for Fall


The air is getting chiller and those emblems of fall like pumpkins, falling leaves and hot chocolate are growing more popular. And, any seasonal change means it’s time to switch out your wardrobe and accessories.

The transition from spring/summer to fall/winter is big because you are going from bikinis, sundresses and shorts to jackets, gloves and hats. Let’s get focused on your bedroom closets, so when that first really cold day comes your family will be ready!

Here are our 4 simple steps to help you maximize your space and ease those cold-weather blues with a functional, organized closet!

First, remove everything

Organizing your closet is a time-consuming task so set aside a day or entire weekend when you know you have some available time. Start with one closet first, the largest and most intimidating like the master bedroom closet. Then, once you finish, your guest or kid’s bedroom closets won’t seem that scary!

The first step is to empty everything out of the closet and into another room. Try to spread out garments on the bed or floor, so you can really see what you have. Don’t forget about any other seasonal storage spots so your entire wardrobe is together in one place.

This is a great way to see exactly what you have now, what you have too many of and what pieces you might need to replace.

Then, assess the contents

We all know that this is where the process gets a little tricky. You want an organized, tidy closet where your favorite seasonal pieces are easy to find, but it’s difficult to let go of some of your favorite things.

Really consider every piece and how it fits, the style (and your current style) and the condition of the garment. If you haven’t worn it in more than one year, it’s doesn’t fit or is ripped, stained or discolored, throw it out!

For items that are still in OK condition but aren’t anything you wear anymore, donate them to a thrift store or charitable organization. For items you plan to keep, put aside anything that needs to be repaired or dry cleaned.

Now, fill your closet with seasonal, ready to wear clothes

Finally, everything you have in your closet is something that you wear routinely and looks great on you! Think of the time you will save getting ready in the mornings.

Keep your fall wardrobe in the front with off-season items out of the way. Use smaller bins and baskets to store fall accessories like hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and more!

If you have a walk-in closet, then you could have enough room to store off-season items in the back. But, if you have a smaller closet, pack up off-season items and store them elsewhere like in the garage or in your Cook shed! A Cook Portable Warehouse is the perfect place to safely store anything and everything until you need it.

Before storing anything make sure pieces are repaired, buttons are sewn on and include sachets or dryer sheets in the boxes to keep things smelling good. For more on safely storing you clothes during the cold weather months, read this post!

Finally, customize your closet

The last step is to find a system that works for you and maximizes every inch of the space you do have in a small or large closet.

  Here are a few of our favorite tips for making your closet work for you:

  • Put your favorite, most often worn items in front.
  • Group business/work clothes together.
  • Store evening outfits in protective garment bags in the back of the closet.
  • Use jewelry drawers, belt racks and hooks to protect your accessories.
  • Display shoes on shoe racks so you can see them.

For more popular home storage tips, download the free resource from Cook below!