How to Keep your Hunting Gear Clean and Organized [VIDEO]


It’s important throughout any hunting season and the off-seasons to keep your gear and clothing in the best shape possible. Try not to simply dump your gear in the corner of a garage or shed and forget about it. 

Keep your hunting stuff in the best quality with these easy organization tips. Then, when you are ready for a hunting excursion, everything is ready to go!

If you need a safe space to keep all your hunting stuff, a Cook Portable Warehouse is the perfect place for any hobby!  There are a few important ways to keep your hunting gear clean and organized for the novice or experienced hunter.


Before storing any hunting clothing, turn items inside out to prevent fading and then wash the garments. Dry clothing with scent-eliminating dryer sheets or just hang them out to dry.

Because scent control is so important, use a scent-free sportsman wash or baking soda to absorb any excess odors. Instead of storing those items in a dresser drawer with regular clothing, use a scent-free bag or plastic bin in a safe secure place like a Cook Portable Warehouse!

Use things like cedar chips or pine needles to keep clothing smelling naturally. Put the pine needles or cedar chips in plastic bags with small holes and then place the bags inside bins.

Another smart storage technique is to organize outfits so they can be easily packed for a hunting trip. For example, have outfits planned for different weather or climate change starting with base layers. Also, remember to check for torn or faded clothing and fix or replace those items, if necessary.

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It’s always a smart idea to go over all your firearms even if they have been recently cleaned. Remember to break down all working parts including the barrels. Use a light amount of solvent in the bore of the rifle or shotgun to remove any fouling or residue and run the brush and subsequent patches from breach to muzzle.

If the barrel suffers from excessive fouling, take the gun out and shoot it several times before cleaning. This will warm the fouling up and expand the pores of the barrel, making it easier to clean. Apply a light coat of oil on all surfaces after the dirt has been cleaned from the firearm. Remember to remove slings and clean the swivels and attachments, which are areas that rust during times of extended storage. 

It’s a good idea to install or build a simple gun locker or safe inside your Cook shed. Guns shouldn’t be stored barrel-down for extended period of time because the weight can potentially cause warping of the metal. If you notice cracks or pits in the muzzle, take the firearm to the gunsmith.

Other Gear 

Wipe down your boots, clean them of any debris and store them in a room-temperature space. If you find a hole, either apply a waterproofing treatment or purchase a new pair.

Check that all electronics such as GPS, radios, etc., are in good working order and remove the batteries to prevent them from spoiling or leaking in the battery compartment. Optics should be wiped down, cleaned and stored in soft cases to prevent them from getting scratched or dirty.

Sharpen your knives so they are ready to use when you need them. Calls with latex reeds should be stored in a cool, dark place away from any sunlight. Organize everything according to its use in small bins so you can easily find anything you need, when you need it!

If you don’t already have a portable shed, consider a Cook portable building for all your hunting gear and supplies. See all of our shed styles from the Lofted Barn to the Utility Cabin, we have a shed style to fit your storage needs.