How to Prepare Your Things for Storage

Preparing your things for storage

Packing your things for storage can be a major undertaking. But the more work you put in now, the less frustration and heartache you’ll have when you need the items again.

Portable buildings are a great asset after a big move, remodel or just for everyday storage. Cook Portable Warehouses builds their sheds to last, so your belongings stay safe and dry. Read about what Cook promises to each of their customers!

Cook sheds can be used for various different storage needs from furniture, sports equipment, clothes and more. Here are some simple steps to remember as you’re preparing your things for storage.

  • Clean everything.

You may not think you need to clean stuff, but it will help in the preservation of whatever you are storing. This way you can ensure there aren’t any bugs hidden in the items before you store them. Also, when it comes to unpack the items, if stored correctly, you’ll have less dust and dirt to wipe off.

  • Purchase the proper packing materials.

Plastic storage bins with lids are probably the best things to use since they are not as susceptible to the elements, such as humidity. Unlike a cardboard box, you can tightly seal these storage bins.

You also want to get packing materials that will help you keep your items safe, especially the more fragile items. To save a little on packing materials, keep old towels and rags to wrap items in.  

  • Pack everything securely.

Though your shed should be tightly sealed, rodents and critters sometimes come in from the opening of doors and windows. So, it’s imperative that you securely pack items that could be damaged.

Also, you want to ensure fragile items are well cushioned on all sides. Be careful not to place extremely heavy items on top of them in storage.

  • Label everything.

Labeling is simply to help you keep track of where your stuff is. It’s one of the most important steps that most people forget to do, or just don’t want to take the time to do. But, it can help cut down on frustration and time searching for items.

When you do, ensure that you label more than just one side so it’s easily identifiable. Also, make sure the method you’re using to label won’t peel off or rub off easily. 

No matter what you’re trying to store, you want to ensure they will be in top condition when you need them again. If you’re planning to store more valuable keepsakes and collectibles, then read this advice first! You’ll want to consider things such as temperature and pest control for the safety of your more valuable items. Purchasing a Cook shed is the first step in preserving your stuff!