How to Reclaim Your Closets and Garage

Messy Room

At one time that room was organized. You had everything labeled. You had extra shelving built in and it all looked amazing. Then, your kids came along. Now, you’re worried about having even a simple pathway in and out of rooms. 

Sadly, your garage isn’t much different. You were so proud of it. Both cars fit. Plus, you had your bikes hanging on the wall. Your tools all found on a plastic shelving unit you quickly put up one Summer afternoon. Your Christmas decor neatly piled in one corner all labeled “Fragile.” 

Now though? Only one car fits (on a good day), and the tools are hidden somewhere behind a few other boxes of what someone in your house called “necessities”.  

Watch below, even if we did exaggerate a little, do you feel like any of them? 

If you’re ready to reclaim your closets, your garage, your general walking space from one side of the room to another… let’s get started! 

The first step is probably the easiest (and most fun). It’s acquiring more space. Get a Cook shed. It instantly gives you breathing room so you can tackle purging and organizing. Or, just have a place to finally put all of those tools/hobby supplies. 

You can work on building a shed here or find your local dealer to picture how this shed will work for your storage needs. 

Utility Shed

It instantly allows you a place to store things as you go through them and get organized. It lessens the overwhelm inside the house so you can focus on one room at a time. Then, you can tackle what’s in the shed. 

One room at a time.

One closet at a time.

One box at a time. 

Yes, it will take a while, but stick to it! You’ll be so glad you did. 


As you put things back in place, add the right storage accessories. 

You may need more cabinets, shelving units, plastic bins, baskets, etc. The main thing is to find the right sizes not only for your space but for what you’re storing. Think through this a little before you decide on each items’ final home. 


Then, don’t forget to label. You may think you’ll remember everything you put into the third black bin you put on the shelf… you won’t though. We’ve been there, done that. So, if there’s a lot inside the box, write everything down and place in a plastic sleeve that you will then tape to the front of the box. This is a great idea for Christmas decorations or old high school memorabilia. You’ll quickly be able to find what you’re looking for in the future. 


We also just recommend learning to say “no.” You’ve worked hard for this home and portable building and garage. So, know their purpose and set boundaries. Is your garage for cars and tools? Then don’t start storing kids’ toys there. Is your shed your workshop? Then don’t store Christmas decorations there.


Now is a great time to reclaim your garage, your closets, your kitchen, your home! Stop letting the stress of not having enough space keep you from doing your favorite hobbies or even just relaxing in your own home. 

Are you ready?