How to Refresh Your Shed for the New Year

With a New Year begun, it’s a great time to reinvent your routine with more trips to the gym and less junk food. And it’s also the ideal time to reinvent your storage space.

If your portable shed is stuck in a rut and isn’t being utilized in the best possible way, think about making a change. With just a few simple tweaks, you can make the most of your space and provide a fresh look to your backyard.

One of the biggest changes you should make, if you haven’t already, is to make the smart investment into a Cook Portable Warehouse.

With a durable, long-lasting building, you will have the storage you need, at a price that your wallet can afford after those holiday shopping sprees. Locate the closest dealer to you by using our Dealer Locator tool!

Before you organize your shed, check out these do’s and don’ts! Here are a few more changes you can make to refresh your shed in the new year!

Refresh your shed for the new year + cook Portable Warehouses

Paint your shed

Add a fresh coat of paint to the inside or outside (or both!) of your storage shed to refresh its look!

Some ideas include using a bold, bright color against a neutral one on the trim to add contrast. Or paint your shed a natural color like a light green to have it mimic the outdoor landscape. Or even consider using a different color on the door and roof to contrast against the wall color.

One note of caution if you are using the Cook Rent to Own program, it’s smart to delay painting until your shed is completely paid off. But, don’t worry, we offer a variety of color choices for both the siding and the shingles to help you find the shed of your dreams!

Rearrange your shed

It’s time to really think about the best layout for your shed. By taking a little time to rearrange your stuff, you can make the most of the space you have. Or if you are completely out of space, you can upgrade your building through the Cook Trade-Up program.

Place those big items you use infrequently at the back against the walls. Then, take those items that often end up on the ground like long-handled gardening tools and use vertical space to hang them on the walls.

Just a few inexpensive hooks or pegboards can help you hang up smaller items and keep the floor or loft space clear.

Add decor to your shed

Your shed doesn’t just have to be the place that holds all your stuff. It can also be a place where you and your family enjoy spending time together and somewhere that is an extension of your home.

When considering adding decor to your storage building, think about the most common uses for your space and what your dream shed would look like.

Then, make small changes like adding a statement piece of art or just hang some family photos to add a homey feel. Or choose curtains or colorful boxes to add more personality to what can often be a drab storage area.

New Year, new shed! And for more ways to change up your shed download our free Shed Conversion Guide by clicking below! And don’t forget to follow Cook Portable Warehouses on Facebook!