How to Save Money Now for Summer Activities

While it’s cold and dreary, now is the time to start dreaming and planning for those fun times in the summer sun! You may be planning a vacation, stay-cation or just looking for fun things to do with the kids.  But, all of those things take a little extra money.

So, start your Pinterest board of places to travel and things to do. Then, start saving for the fun times ahead! Here are some great tips on how to save money now for summer activities.
How to Save Money Now for Summer Activities

Set Up a Special Savings Account

If you have a vacation or big purchase you’re planning for, like an ATV, canoe, or camper, start a special savings account dedicated to that goal.  

This will help you keep your money separated so you know you’re not supposed to touch that part of your savings. Seeing that account grow will help you stay motivated. Here are some other great tips for saving for your summer vacation!

Make a Few Budget Cuts

Like having that chocolate bar as an afternoon snack everyday? Always grab a coffee at the gas station on the way to work? Try to cut these out even 2-3 times a week and save that money.  That could easily add up to $10-$15 a week that you’ve quickly saved.

Or, make a few calls to see if you can get a better rate on your car insurance or internet/tv bills. Even $10 here and there will add up quickly in the end.

Create Visuals to Help Motivate You

If you know what you want to do this summer, then have some motivating images that will subtly remind you of your goal. This is a great idea from!

Add a savings jar to your bedside table with a picture of your goal attached. Change the background of your computer or phone’s lock screen, so you’re continually reminded of what you’re saving for.  Whether it’s that off-road vehicle, or perfect vacation spot, just seeing it occasionally will help you stay focused on why you’re making some financial sacrifices.

Clean Out the Closets

You may not make a lot from having a Spring yard sale, or selling clothes at your local consignment, but again every little bit can help. You never know, it might be enough to pay for a new simple summer wardrobe or go towards that camping equipment you’ve had your eye on since last summer.

Or, if you’re planning that vacation, it could help provide you with spending or souvenir money.

Choose Cook’s Rent-to-Own Program

If you’re planning on purchasing a portable shed, but want to keep some savings for your summer activities, then consider Cook’s rent-to-own program.  This plan allows you to pay towards owning your portable shed, without dropping a large portion of your savings all on one purchase.

This is a great option for families who need the extra storage space, but also want to keep their vacation savings secure.  

Learn about all of the benefits of choosing rent-to-own.

A Cook shed is great for storing all of the equipment for your favorite warm-weather activities.  The Lofted Garage is perfect for storing your off-road vehicles, plus extra storage. Or, with a Garden Shed or Utility Shed you can create a pool house to host fun parties and relaxing evenings by the water.   

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