How to Set a New Year’s Resolution that You Will Keep

Storage Resolutions for 2018

Setting New Year’s resolutions are always a tricky business. It’s important to take time to reflect on the resolutions you made for the previous year and how successful you were at achieving them.

In fact, one-third of New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to the end of January. The reason for this high number of forgotten promises is that those resolutions weren’t the right ones.

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Here are 7 ways your Cook Portable Warehouse can help you achieve any resolution on your list!

And, here is an easy way to set SMART goals for 2018 that you can feel good about. Let’s use the sample resolution of, “Find a better storage solution for my stuff,” as an example! Keep reading below!


Make Your Resolution Specific

To ensure you can say that you stuck to your resolution this time next year, make those promises very detailed.  The more specific, the more effective you will be at working toward it.

For example, instead of “I need more space,” set a resolution like, “Find a better storage solution that fits my size and budget requirements.”

Make Your Resolution Measurable

Some resolutions are easier to measure compared with others. For example, a weight loss goal can be measured according to the number of pounds lost each month.

For your storage goal, it could be satisfied by purchasing a new Cook Portable Warehouse for your backyard. Or you can break the goal down and track it over time, such as complete research on storage options by a certain date.

Make Your Resolution Achievable

There isn’t anything wrong with setting goals that are somewhat of a stretch. But, your resolutions shouldn’t be something that is impossible. This will just leave you frustrated and cause you to give up.

If you know you need more space, consider your budget and what is doable when it comes to cost and features. If you don’t have the funds to buy a portable building outright, look into our Rent to Own program that allows customers to pay toward their shed each month.

Make Your Resolution Relevant

This sounds simple but your resolution has to be relevant to you and your family’s needs. Ask yourself, if you are making the resolutions for the right reasons and is it something that will improve your quality of life?

If excess clutter around your home or garage is causing stress then investing in a long-lasting Cook portable shed is a relevant and important goal for next year.

Make Your Resolution Time-Bound

Setting time parameters around your resolutions doesn’t mean you say it will be done by December 31, 2018. The better way to make your resolution time bound is to set smaller intermediate goals to best ensure progress.

This is important when changing habits, where repetition is key. So, if you do invest in more room for your stuff with Cook, make sure to use this space in a smart way. Keep your stuff organized over time to avoid clutter from piling up again.

Use these 5 simple tools to make your New Year’s Resolution SMART. Download our FREE resource below to help keep your portable shed organized all year long.