Impressive Customer Shed Transformations


A shed is not always just a shed. Yes, it may have four walls, a floor and a roof. But, hint: You want more than that. The key is finding those elements in a shed that will last through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, year after year. 

Not all sheds will do that.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all. But, beyond that, a great shed, is really just a blank canvas for your imagination. The point is that you can literally take a Cook shed and make it what you want it to be. We’ve seen some amazing transformations over the years. Here are some of the most impressive ones. 


Julie’s She Shed


She Shed What?! She said she was going to create her own space, in her own backyard and that it would be beautiful. And she did. Julie created her own backyard oasis for crafting, reading, having movie night with the family and more. She didn’t just buy a shed, she bought more time to focus on herself and the things she loved to do. See more of her shed here! 


Pool House

Pool House Addition

Sometimes you buy a shed to store your stuff. And sometimes, you buy a shed to store your stuff AND create an amazing backyard paradise. That’s exactly what this customer did. They may use their shed for storage, but the outside is the perfect backdrop for their poolside entertaining. 


Art Studio

Art Studio Transformation

Shirley used to haul her supplies from rental space to rental space. She needed room for her art supplies and her art students. That’s when she discovered the kind of shed in her neighbor’s backyard could be the perfect solution for her too. 

So, she bought a Cook 12’ x 16’ Utility shed and transformed it into her dream art studio. Her words? “My studio is my favorite work of art!” See more here. 


Bar Shed

Bar Shed Transformation

OK, disclaimer, this wasn’t done by a customer…we did it as part of a giveaway in 2018. But, can you blame us for adding it to the list? It is pretty impressive! From the electricity, sink area, counter, this is the kind of shed you want to come home to. Relax, have friends over, it’s your space, your way. See more of the inside here. 


Did any of these shed transformations interest you or spark your imagination? We’ve seen sheds turned into offices, businesses, she sheds, man caves, and so much more. 

Why can you use a Cook Shed for all of this? Because we don’t just attach walls to a floor. We’re craftsmen who take pride in not just the work, but the materials we use. And we have since 1984. Don’t believe us? We have Lifetime Warranty to back us up.  Each of our portable buildings are built in a quality controlled environment and then delivered to your backyard. From there, our delivery drivers do any necessary touch ups. This is only after they’ve installed, leveled and inspected the shed.

Interested in learning more? Start with your favorite shed style, then move on to look at the custom options available. When you need room for your stuff, we’re here to help!