Make Gardening a Family Event

As your children grow and gain more independence you may feel like your family is growing apart. But, it doesn’t have to.  This is when you can begin working on changing your family dynamic.

So, how do you start opening up more dialogue and continue working as a family team? Gardening is a great way to do this! With a garden your family will be working together from Spring to Fall.  You’ll all be busy from planning, to harvesting, to the canning and freezing of your goods!

If you’re just starting your garden here’s a list of essential tools you may want to add to your shed.   

There are so many things you can talk about and learn while you’re working towards a successful garden.  You know your family, so sometimes it may be time to just work in silence, but there are some fun ways to make the time go by faster.

Make Gardening a Family Fun Event + Cook Portable Warehouses

Make gardening a family fun event! Here’s how:

-Put on your favorite jams. You may not all love the same music, so change it up.  Have everyone create their favorite playlist.  Then, merge them and play it on shuffle; that way every few minutes, someone will get to hear one of their favorite songs.

-Create a spontaneous song or story.  As you’re planting or weeding start out with one line, then everyone has to add a line to it. Don’t worry about it making sense. Encourage everyone to use their imagination, even if they come up with outlandish lines. By the end you’ll enjoy hearing the funny lyrics or story you’ve made up. If you created a song, be sure to try and sing it once you’ve finished!  

-Start a trivia game while you’re taking a break or as you’re hoeing the garden. Think about what your kids have learned in the last year at school or even something you know they don’t know.  It will give you an opportunity to refresh their memory on things they’ve learned and maybe teach them a few new things.  You could make it garden and plant themed, or just whatever questions come to mind.    

-Ask questions. You have hours worth of work ahead of you, so spur up the conversation. But, don’t make it an interview with your kids, start telling them stories about your childhood or teen years and see what stories they share with you. Here are some questions to get you started:

-What’s your favorite memory from your childhood?

-How did you meet your spouse/significant other?

-What was different about your school days than what your kids do everyday?

-What was your favorite memory of when your child was younger. If they remember it, ask them their version of the story.

Remember you’re just looking for fun ways to pass the time while you’re opening up communication between you and your children.  Weeding may be a long, hot job, but you can make it a little more fun by trying some of these ideas!

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