She Shed What? Inspiration for Your She Shed (Part 3) [Infographic]

She Shed What?

She said she LOVES her new Cook She Shed! Julie, a teacher, blogger and mother, took a Cook Utility Style shed and made it into her own backyard oasis.

Julie first fell in love with the shed when she saw the shingles. She wanted a homey feel with her she shed. She looked at a few metal sheds with metal roofs, but they didn’t fit her style. That’s when she started looking at Cook Portable Warehouses for her dream shed.


Julie tells more about her journey to choose her shed here! Then, relax and take a tour through her she shed. This has become her backyard space just for her. She can craft, read, watch TV and just find time to breathe, away from the hustle and bustle of being a wife, mother and teacher. The warmer days are sure to be filled with parties at her she shed! Her friends are already loving visiting Julie’s She Shed!

If you need some inspiration for your own she shed, then be sure to pin this infographic for future reference. Get inspiration for the shed style, features and decorations you could use to make your own backyard she shed. 


Inspiration for Your She Shed Infographic

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