She Shed What? Tour Inside a She Shed (Part 2)

Step Inside a She Shed


If you missed Part 1, we’re following Florida teacher and blogger Julie Dannenmueller on her journey to create her own she shed and backyard oasis. You can see more from her at

Julie bought a Cook Utility Shed, custom ordered with the windows and door placement she liked best. She found an old powder blue chest she loved which became the inspiration piece for the rest of her she shed. 

Inside Julie


Have you always loved decorating?

Ever since my Barbie days, when I was little, me and my friends would design our houses. My friends would always be jealous of mine! If I didn’t love teaching so much, I probably would have gone into decorating.


Where did you get inspiration for all the pieces in your shed? Inside Julie

I wanted a rustic feel, but a little coastal too since we live right here by the water. That’s why I chose the old blue chest to be my inspiration piece. And I love watching Chip and Joanna Gaines and getting new ideas from them. When we finish the insulation in here I’ll be adding shiplap to cover the walls. 


What do you like to do in your shed? 

It’s really my retreat. A place to have fun, relax, have a glass of wine. I bring my laptop to watch old episodes of Sex and the City. I can watch whatever I’m in the mood for! But, we’ve also had family time out here too. We’ve popped popcorn and gotten out here to watch a movie and just relax. 

I also have my work table to do crafts. So I paint acrylics and have started on one of the beach. But, I’ll definitely be planning some fun parties this summer too! I recently had some friends over and they loved the “Julie Shed”!


Here are some of our favorite features of Julie’s She Shed. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration for your own! 

Chandelier Inside She Shed 1. Ample lighting for evenings spent relaxing in the she shed! She has reading lamps, the overhead chandelier and candles in the evening to provide ambient lighting. Whether it’s day or evening, she has the lighting she needs to relax or get some work done! NOTE: Before installing electricity in your shed, hire a professional electrician to install it for you. Read more about adding electricity to your shed here. 

2. Pearls on the chandelier…need we say more? How adorable! This takes advantage of the height of the room, adds functional lighting, while also showing off her personal style. We love some of the other personal touches like the pictures on the wall, her chalkboard welcome sign and all of those comfy pillows!  

3. Her use of curtains both for functionality and style. She’s added them to help frame the doorway. It automatically gives a welcoming, soft feel to those entering. She’s also added them elsewhere in the room to help block some of the natural light, but also to embrace the height of the room. These curtains give a touch of color against the wood walls. 

4. Comfy seating. She has chairs, stools, the daybed and even seating outside of the shed too for additional guests. This makes it the perfect space for reading, watching movies and hosting friends. 

5. Her mix of work and play! She has her work table for crafting, but the day bed suggests this is a place to relax too. She has truly made it HER space. Showing her personality and what she loves to do. 

 panoramic shot of the inside


6. Flowers, flowers, flowers. From the overflowing flower boxes, to the flower wreathe, to the flower bouquets strewn about the room, flowers are everywhere! They provide that touch of color to contrast the more muted tones she has featured throughout the room. The mixture provides a relaxing atmosphere for everyone who enters! 


Who wouldn’t want to relax in this cozy she shed?! Did you find inspiration for your own? Let us custom build the she shed you’ve been dreaming of. Click below! 



Photo Credit: Julie Dannenmueller took these pictures of her She Shed. You can follow her blog at  


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