Shed Door Options with Cook Portable Warehouses

There are many decisions that go into buying a portable building. You must decide the size, the color and  the location of your shed. There are many options and so each decision must be weighed. There’s a questionnaire at the end of this article that will help you get an idea of what you’re looking for, so be sure and take it!

With Cook Portable Warehouses, we have a set standard for all of our buildings with basic, quality features. So, no matter which building style you choose, you know you’re getting the best! Check those features out here.  

One decision you may not have talked about is the type and style of doors you’ll need or want. Here are the shed door options that you have with Cook. Keep in mind not every door is available for each style, so it’s important to talk with your local dealer and discuss the possibilities of customizing the building the way you need it.  

Cook Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door

Have utility vehicles or lawn equipment you need easy access to? The overhead garage door is the perfect solution.

The Lofted Garage and Garage both come with this built into the framework. They include a 9’ wide, 6’6” high steel overhead door. The lofted option allows you extra storage space for boxes while you still have room for your larger vehicles and equipment on the main floor. You can actually add this to any of our styles except for the Tool Shed and the Barn.

Steel Door with Lock (or window)

If you prefer the look of a single door that looks a little more like a door to your home and not a shed, then this is a great added feature. You even have the option to add a window in the door!

All Cook buildings come with a heavy duty locking door handle. But, you do have the option to add a deadbolt lock on these types of doors.

Storm Door

Want to add a little extra light and air into your shed without letting the bugs in? Adding a storm door is always a good decision! Whether you’re using your shed as a hobby space or workshop, you’ll be thankful for the extra light, making your shed look more inviting and spacious.

Single/Double Wood Doors

Depending on the building style you choose you’ll have either a single or double wood door as a part of the design. However, there is the option to add additional doors, whether it’s another double wood door or the steel door mentioned earlier.  

Our wood doors come with storm chains to prevent potential damage caused by high winds. They also have a locking door handle to bring added security to your shed. The adjustable tension rods on the inside of the door are there to help keep the door from warping as years pass and are exposed to the elements. Read more about these features here!

Do you have a general idea of what you are looking for in your shed? Below you can download a quick questionnaire to email back to us or take to your local dealer. We’ll help you customize a portable building into what you really need and want. Remember, whether you buy off the lot or have a building custom built, you’ll still have your building delivered in around 7-10 business days (weather permitting)!