Shed Possibilities: Create A Personal Library

The uses for a backyard shed are endless. Sheds have been used for storage, man caves, she sheds, extra bedrooms, game rooms, meditation rooms and so much more. But what about a personal library?

Are you a bookworm and love to spend time at the library or bookstore? Do you spend whole days tucked away reading a good book? Would you love to have your own personal library? Create one with a shed from Cook Portable Warehouses. Choose from our 8 versatile shed styles to make your library dreams come true.

Once you’ve decided on the style of shed that will best fit your needs, here is how you can turn your shed into a personal library:

A Cook Shed makes the Perfect Reading Nook!

Install Shelves

If you’re going to have a library, you obviously need shelves. You can buy and build your own shelves or make your own so you don’t have to break the bank. Wooden crates, pallets and boards are a simple, cheap way to make your own shelves. Follow these instructions from Tara Michelle Interiors to make an abstract, crate bookshelf.

Add a Comfortable Chair

Nothing completes reading a book, like a comfortable chair. If your shed is big enough, maybe you can even get a couch or a lounge chair. Once you find the perfect cozy chair, get a blanket and pillow to match.

Find the Perfect Lamp

You can’t read in the dark, so you are going to need the perfect lamp for your shed library. A floor lamp is a great way to light up your whole shed and have light right over your book for optimal reading.

Before adding electricity to your shed, definitely read this post! Remember to always use a professional electrician.

Read more about lighting choices for your shed here. You might also like to look at some of our solar options for the outside of your shed here.


Add a Desk

If you turn your shed into library, it can also become an office or study space. A desk can also be another place in your library to read if you need a more structured area. Add a desk lamp for another source of lighting in addition to your floor lamp. Learn more about turning your shed into an office!

Get a Rug

A rug is an easy and decorative way to cover the wooden floor of your shed. A rug also adds the relaxation and warmth of your library. If you’re a person who likes to read on the floor, a shag rug is the perfect kind to lay on. Get a rug that matches your chair to add to the overall look of your library.

Fill with Books!

Once you’ve got your shelves, a chair, lighting and a desk, all you need is books! You don’t have to have a lot of books to want to create a shed library. You just need to have a love for books and reading. Once you start collecting more books, you will have the perfect place to put them.

If you have always wanted a personal library in your home, but never had the space, a Cook Portable Warehouse is the perfect solution. It’s still a personal library that’s accessible from your backyard!