Simple Gardening Tips to Follow

Starting a garden may sound a little overwhelming to you or it may be your favorite part of the year! Either way there are so many things to be learned when starting a garden. Whether you have a container garden, just a few plants in a raised bed, or have a larger garden in the backyard, there’s always something to be learned from other gardeners.

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Our Cook Shed dealer in Raytown, MO, Brad Myers, is an avid gardener and shared some simple gardening tips to follow.

 Gardening Tips from Cook Shed Dealer

Start with already grown plants, not seeds.

Brad says if you’re starting out to skip the seeds and buy plants that are already grown.  This way you’re producing sooner. If you plant from seeds, then you lose a lot of time, waiting for the seeds to successfully sprout.

But, if you have kids and are looking for something to do in the early Spring, you might try planting a few seeds with them. They’ll be fascinated and learn a few things along the way. Here are some other fun ways to make gardening a family event!

The main thing is to plant after the last frost, which can make for a shorter growing season if you’re planting from a seed.  Brad says Mother’s Day is the traditional start of the growing season, but if it’s a warm Spring, like this year, you could start it earlier. 


Give your plants plenty of attention.

Your garden needs your attention. Give your plants the best soil, in a spot where the sun can do its work. Water, weed and be amazed at the growing process. You’ll enjoy discovering what’s changed from day to day. But, without your attention, your garden will not reach its full potential.


Get rid of the bugs safely.

Brad says gardens have a lot of bug problems. But, that doesn’t mean you have to contaminate your garden with pesticides. Research and find more organic, safe solutions. That way you’ll feel more comfortable about what is on the vegetables you plan to eat.  

Some of the bugs you may encounter are aphids, potato beetles and caterpillar moths, that all can be devastating to your garden.  


Gardening can be a fun, rewarding experience for everyone! Brad “enjoys the heck out of it,” and even sells his extra produce at times at his Cook shed lot.  

So, if you’re starting a garden or just looking for a place to store your gardening supplies, take a look at Cook sheds! You’ll not only get a storage building, but a great addition to your landscape.  

If you want to teach your kids more about gardening then download our free resource below!