5 Backyard Makeovers Trends for Summer

The warm, dry weather of summer makes it easy to enjoy your outdoor backyard anytime. So if your space needs to be renovated or just cleaned up a little, we have some helpful information on some of the biggest current trends in backyard makeovers. A perfect addition to your backyard in any season is a Cook building. If you need … Read More

How to Turn your Shed into an Entertainment Destination

Summer means it’s time to socialize, entertain, and party it up! Because it’s the season for family barbecues, neighborhood gatherings and pool parties, everyone needs to make sure their place is ready to go. Even if the inside of your home looks perfect, you might have to take the party outside due to the amount of space available. And what’s … Read More

How to Get your Grill Ready for Summer

The beginning of June means it’s time to invite friends, family and neighbors over for your first summer barbecue. So get your table and chairs out, mix up some delicious drinks and turn the music on. But one big component of a successful BBQ is of course the yummy grub!

6 Must Haves for Springtime Outdoor Entertaining

Spring brings tons of fun holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day) and with each comes the opportunity to have a themed party or gathering. Take advantage of the great weather outside by inviting over friends, family members or neighbors. Entertaining can be a stressful process so let’s make it easy to host the best springtime event. Here … Read More