The 2 Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a Shed

 Overflowing Shed or Garage

As you search the internet for different shed styles, sizes and customizable options, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are too many options and too many people saying they’re selling the exact same thing.

We’ve been working with customers since 1984 and have noticed a few things along the way. Cook is in the business of helping you find room for your stuff. So, when we see the same mistakes happening over and over, we decided we better say something! There are 2 main mistakes we’ve seen shed buyers make over the years. But, since you’re doing your research you can avoid them! YAY!

  • Mistake 1: Buying a shed that’s too small.

A shed can fill up quickly. Sometimes a little too quickly. This is one reason to find a shed style you like that’s offered under a rent to own program with a trade-up option. So, if your shed starts to fill up, you can always trade for a different size without losing your investment.

Your shed dealer should be knowledgeable enough to help you find the right shed for the types of items you’ll be storing. But, many times customers forget about items in their home or in their garage they’re also wanting to store. Or, months down the road, they discover even more items that need long term storage. So, a rent to own program gives you peace of mind that you’ll always have room for your stuff.  

  • Mistake 2: Making price the first and last question.

    Buying a shed from Cook Portable Warehouses

This might sound like an odd mistake to make. Price is very important! You have to make sure it fits your budget. It’s an investment and you need to know you’re not throwing money away.

But, by asking the price first, you may miss the details needed to make an educated decision. As soon as a number is given, customers make a judgement immediately by the value placed on the shed they like. They either:

a. Think it’s too low and so it can’t be the quality they need

b. Or, they think it’s too high and disregard how it could be the best fit for their long-term needs.

We recommend first finding a shed that hits all of your priorities in a portable building. You may want a certain size, a loft or extra doors and windows. Decide what’s most important to you and find the shed that matches your description.

Then, start discussing price. Ask if they have a rent to own program. Ask about warranties, trade-up programs, even what materials are used to make the shed. Understand the full picture of the shed, including the quality, longevity and, yes, the price tag.

What you may find is a shed that’s overpriced for the quality; or find one that fits the budget but won’t last more than a few years. That’s why we stand by our long lasting product. We know you not only need room for your stuff, but you need to know your stuff will be protected.

  • We have a lifetime warranty on all treated components.

  • We offer an affordable rent to own program with no credit check.

  • We offer free delivery.

  • We offer a trade-up program with our rental sheds.

We want to take care of you. Cook wants you to come back for MORE sheds, not a replacement.

Have you already made one of these mistakes? At Cook, we provide you with the room you need at a price that makes sense for your budget. Learn more about our rent to own shed options by clicking below!