The Camping Trip Supply List of Things Easily Forgotten

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As Spring begins, it’s a great time to get the family out of the house and on a camping adventure! Remember, Handyman Shed from Cook Portable Warehousesyou don’t have to go far to have a fun camping experience.  

When you’re not out on the trail or at your favorite campground, a Cook Portable Warehouse is a great place to store all of your outdoor equipment.  It keeps your items out of the elements and provides ample space for you to organize all of your camping supplies.

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As you start planning your trip, don’t neglect some of these easily forgotten items. Keep in mind that some of these can be used in your emergency kit for your home as well!

camping supplies list + Cook Portable WarehousesTrash Bags

Resealable Bags (for food or utensil storage)

Antibacterial wipes

First aid kit

Picnic Tablecloth/Blanket

Paper towels

Toilet Paper (the woods don’t usually provide this, and neither do all campgrounds)

Rags and towels (for baths and for washing dishes/utensils)

Small waterproof bag or bucket for shower supplies

Dish detergent/soap

Bucket (for washing dishes and for emergency water for the fire)

Clean water & refillable filtered water bottles

Protein snacks (just in case it rains on your cooking plans)

Cell phone and external battery pack

Watch or small travel clock

Rope/String/Tape (you just never know when these will come in handy. You might need to hang up an extra tarp, hang clothes and towels out to dry or to tape down your tablecloth)

Scissors or Knife

Extra change of clothes (keep this in a separate bag or in the car, away from the rest of your clothes, just in case your main pack gets lost or wet)

Folding Chairs/Hammock (you’ll want to sit other places besides the ground or the picnic table)

Sweatshirt or Jacket (no matter how hot the weather says it’s going to be…still take it! Nights can be damp and chilly, especially when you’re sleeping on the ground)

Good book (nothing better than relaxing in nature with a good book!)

Looking for more camping supply suggestions? Here is a great camping trip supply list from  

Once you have your camping destination in mind and your supplies ready, have a safe trip!