Three Inexpensive Storage Solutions to Help Reclaim Your Garage

Is your garage full of all the stuff that doesn’t fit inside your home? Do you barely have room for your vehicle or those other big items you need on a daily basis?

If you and your family’s frustrations are mounting with your cluttered garage, we have a creative solution just for you! Use your Cook Portable Warehouse as the place where all that extra stuff lives.

Then you can reclaim your garage for your car, ATV, boat, or tool collection. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to organize your storage shed. Instead you can repurpose some of those things that are going unused around your house or invest a minimal amount in creative storage solutions.

Here are three of our favorite inventive storage ideas to help you reclaim your garage by using your Cook shed! And here are other creative ideas to keep your garage organized!

Storage Solutions to Help Reclaim Your Garage + Cook Portable Warehouses

Use pegboards

The best way to organize those smaller things and keep them from cluttering up the floor or the tabletops of your space is to use pegboards. Those things you lose in the back of drawers or never make it out of the box now have the perfect home.

Not only is it inexpensive, it’s also practical because you can add hooks, hanging boxes, and shelves to it. This easy-to-install option makes storage simple and hassle free.

Pegboards are the best solution to organize your tool collection by displaying everything right at your fingertips versus being hidden inside a toolbox.  Organize your tools by size, shape, or category. And for more tips on organizing your tool shed, read this blog post.


Use buckets

Storage Solutions for Your Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

One of the common items that tends to clutter up garages are toys and sporting equipment for the kids. An easy way to organize these items is with different buckets with it’s contents labeled.

Install an entire storage system with just a few metal buckets painted with chalkboard paint to make labeling easy. Then all you need is some basic shelves to hold the buckets and you are ready to organize.

Label things such as beach toys, water toys, chalk, and sports balls. It’s a smart idea to teach kids at a young age how to keep their items organized.


Use vertical storage

Everyone loves a flourishing and lush garden especially as the summer winds down. But all those long-handle garden tools like rakes, shovels and more, can take up a ton of space.

A creative and space saving way to store them is vertically. You can use PVC pipe cut in half or a wooden pallet against the wall to store your garden tools. Either project requires minimal time and expense and saves a ton of floor space.

For the PVC pipe, just cut in half and use nails or screws to affix to the wall. For the wooden pallets, sand them down and screw them into the wall of your shed.


From the Garden Shed to the Garage, our Cook portable building options covers every homeowner’s storage needs. Learn more about the Cook shed choices by downloading the helpful resource below!