Top Reasons We Hold onto our Stuff


Everyone holds onto things that might have outlived their usefulness. From a broken item with sentimental value to a part you know you’ll need again someday, we understand.

At Cook, we advocate an organized lifestyle because it serves to reduce your stress level and increase your comfort level while at home. But we also know there is stuff that you want to hold onto for the short or long term for a variety of reasons.

Hanging onto your stuff isn’t a bad thing in general; it just becomes an issue when you don’t have the space to accommodate your possessions. But this issue can be easily fixed by adding more storage to your home, business, office or property.

A Cook Portable Warehouse could be the answer to your storage problems. Our buildings come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors with customizable features. With this additional room, right in your backyard, you stuff is safe from harm and accessible anytime you need it.

Here are some of the most common reasons people hang on to their stuff and could be in need of more space!

Memories of happy times

It’s very common for people to associate a certain item with a specific time in their life, a person or memory. These reminders of the past are important to hold onto to either look back fondly or to pass down to other family members.

If something holds a strong emotional attachment to you, keep it. But if something takes up a ton of room, think about getting rid of it but take pictures to help you remember. Smaller reminders like pictures are a good idea and won’t take over your storage space.

Strong sense of security

These things that bring us back to the past also bring a sense of security that is often lacking with newly purchase items. A lot of these things go back many years and bring back all those great memories.

A part of this is the fear of getting go and forgetting some of these important memories. Or this fear could be related to concerns about not having available resources in the future.

But, it’s important to really consider how important each item is to your life now and try to find some things to donate. Think about how the item could brighten someone else’s life!

Remorse about bad buying decisions

Every one of us has overspent on something we were sure was essential at the time. Then, when that item sits unused in the box we feel guilty about the money spent. Really consider if you can use that item in the future and if so hold on to it.

But if you are sure it won’t be useful in your life, find a friend who might need it or try to sell it online or save to sell at a yard sale. Group the items you plan to sell in one place and don’t procrastinate when taking pictures and listing them.

Organizing is too overwhelming

Going through your home, closets or just one room can seem overwhelming and is probably one of the last things you want to do during your free time. We get that completely. The first step is just to start small and make a few decisions.

Having enough space will make this process much easy and help you feel like you are getting a fresh start. A Cook shed is the perfect place to keep all that stuff until you have the time to go through it and make these decisions. It’s an ongoing process and your building can serve as the staging area.

To learn more about our Cook Portable Warehouses, download our shed brochure below!