Trapped By Clutter? Here’s the Solution

Trapped by clutter

Want to know the secret of not feeling trapped by stuff? Purge and organize. 

We know, we know, if there’s more than one of you in the house then purging isn’t always a mutual agreement. And then, organizing can become a frustrating task based solely on opinion. Frustrating is probably an understatement you find your toolbox has been “put away” to some unknown location. 

Anyway, purging and organizing. Great advice, right? Well, maybe not so practical at least 95% of the time (yes, that’s a made up statistic). But, from experience it’s probably pretty accurate. 

So what can you do? 

  • Have a family meeting. Explain what has to go. Adult kids still storing stuff with you? Invite them to the meeting too (especially invite them). Before everyone leaves come up with a plan for what has to go and what possibly can stay. 


  • Compromise. You won’t be able to get rid of everything you thought. But, just roll with it. It’s still giving you more space than you had before. Come to an agreement and get to work.


  • Create designated spaces. If you’re limited on space, then build zones so everyone knows just how much space they have for extra storage. Are you sharing your closet with your wife’s shoe collection? Ever found tools in your kitchen? Designate where items are going and make sure it lands back there every time it’s used. 


  • Find extra space. Of course you could get a storage unit or hire a contractor to build you a shed. But, why do that when you could get a Cook portable building?! Now, hear us out, we don’t say it lightly. You’ll never own that storage unit, plus it’s inconveniently located across town. Getting someone to build your shed is a great idea, but you might be able to get it in your backyard quicker by getting a pre-built building delivered. Plus, if you move, you can take it with you! We can recognize great quality, but most sheds just don’t fit that criteria. Cook does, every time. We provide the blank canvas so it fits your storage needs. See how we build our sheds here.
    Outside Utility Shed

So, do you need to be freed from the clutter that’s taken over every closet and your garage? Then be free, friend. Purge and then organize what’s left in a Cook portable shed. The best part? You can afford it right now with our rent to own program. No credit check, no early payoff penalty and no hassle returns. It just makes sense.