What Makes the Best Portable Buildings

Lofted Barn In Yard

Searching for the right shed for your backyard or business can be time consuming. But, we want to help you not find a Cook shed necessarily, but the right shed. As you consider your choices, be sure to ask the tough questions. Here are a few you don’t want to skip:

  1. What are your sheds made of?
  2. If I have an issue, who will I be talking to?
  3. Who will be delivering the shed? Who will be in my backyard?

Do your research and understand how long you can expect to depend on the shed you’re about to purchase.

The following are a few things we think makes the best portable buildings for any buyer.

Durable, Tested Materials

We don’t choose materials that are cheapest. That will never produce a quality, durable building. Your things are precious and we understand the shed isn’t just four walls and a roof. We are constructing something as if it’s going in our own backyard, storing our own belongings. That’s our standard, which is why we choose products like LP SmartSide® and LP ProStruct®.

Every 4 hours of production, LP’s engineered wood goes through rigorous tests. Plus, they’ve spent years conducting tests in some of the most weather extreme climates. See how they test their engineered wood below:



Want to learn more about the materials used in shed construction? Here are a couple of resources to check out:

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Quality Controlled Environments

Some shed companies choose to build in someone’s backyard. That may work out fine, but with a Cook portable shed, each one is built in a quality controlled environment.

This means everyone has a focus as they work in an environment that is protected from the elements. The shed building process is controlled, the materials are protected and each shed is inspected fully before ever leaving the factory.

A Company Who Answers the Phone

One number. We give you one number to call from payment issues, to warranty claims, to delivery questions. Cook prides itself on being there for our customers before and after the sale. We don’t push off customers to a third party company for delivery or for warranties.

Our financing is in house. We have Cook delivery drivers who drive our branded trucks. We have Cook warranty claim specialists who service any issues our customers have. When you choose a Cook shed, you are choosing one company (not a handful).

(Just in case you need it, here’s that number. You can purchase a shed using this number too: 1-800-772-7883)

Years of Testing & Proof

Cook has been in business for more than 35 years. To ensure we’re always making the best product, we continue to research, test and approve new methods and materials for constructing our sheds.

It’s because of the confidence we have in our product that allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on all treated components. It’s also why we continue to receive positive reviews of Cook sheds for years after a sale. Hear from a few of our customers below:

Bruce: “I have 5 Cook Sheds. One is a 12×32 lofted barn 15 years old. Still strong”

Mary: “I have had mine three years and love it. Very good company and service.”

Greg: “I have a Cook shed now five years old and it shows absolutely no signs of wear. Great company to deal with, never had a problem.”

You should have confidence in the shed you purchase. It’s holding your belongings, your memories, maybe even your dreams. Don’t settle for a portable shed that won’t last the tests of time, weather or general wear and tear. Choose a shed you can confidently store your stuff in.