What to Do When Moving into a Small House or Apartment


Ideally, we’d all live in mansions with more space and stuff than we’d know what to do with. Well, you’ve already got the surplus of stuff, but what about that extra space?  There’s no way all of your things will fit into this new house or apartment. What can you possibly do to improve the situation?

  1. Define the Necessities

This probably sounds obvious, but many people find this step difficult. When you’re always surrounded by stuff, it’s easy to consider everything a necessity.

  1. Consider Frequency

Think about how often you use each item. If something isn’t used at least once per month, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t miss it.

  1. Eliminate Duplicates and Broken Items

There’s no sense in having multiples of a perfectly good item. Choose the best of your options and get rid of the others. Likewise, you shouldn’t be holding on to broken stuff. If you haven’t gotten around to fixing it by now, you probably aren’t going to anytime soon.

  1. Have a Yard Sale

Money can often act as a motivating force. Sell the things you no longer use or need. (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?) Then, take the money you earn and either save it or put it toward buying something you’ll actually use.

  1. Find Alternative Storage

If you’re not ready to get rid of that old stuff or simply need extra space, it’s time to look into additional storage. Rent-to-own portable warehouses can be a great alternative to mini-warehousing or storage units.  You can have your own shed right in your backyard for just a low monthly rate!

Renting-to-own through Cook Portable Warehouses is easy and affordable.  If, however, your shed ever becomes a financial burden or you no longer need it, give us a call. We’ll pick it up right away, and your credit will remain untarnished. Learn more about this incredible option in our free download below!