When Extreme Couponing Becomes an Extreme Mess: Storage Solutions for an Overcrowded Pantry


For many, it may begin with just a coupon or two. Soon, the thrill of saving money becomes an obsession. Great deals are out there, and it’s your job to find them, right? 

In time, this hobby can start to take a toll on your home and living situation.

Sure, I have 78 rolls of 2-ply paper towels and 21 tubes of toothpaste, but where will I put these things?

Your family has noticed an increase in clutter, and you just want a fitting place to display this prized collection. One thing is for sure: as your passion for extreme couponing grows, so will your stockpile. For that reason, it’s best to plan ahead.

Here are 3 helpful tips for extreme couponers:

  • Remove Product Packaging

Yes, the products look nice in their packaging, but think of how much valuable space is being wasted here. 

  • Use All Available Space

Try mounting shelves on the walls or hanging a shoe organizer behind the door. 

  • Consider Additional Storage

If it gets to the point where your stockpile is taking over its designated space, you may want to consider other storage options. A Cook portable shed could be just the answer! Imagine how nice your collection would look, proudly displayed in a couponing shed all to itself. You could even set up a workstation inside for clipping more coupons.


Are you imagining it? Now, all you need to do is start designing the shed of your dreams. Click here to browse portable warehouse styles and begin customizing one to fit your individual tastes!