Where is the Best Location for my New Storage Shed?


When searching for your shed, you want to be sure to ask these questions! But one of the first things you need to decide is where your shed will go.  

Choosing the ideal place for your shed can often be as difficult as finding the right shed itself.  Consider these 3 factors to help you determine the best location for your storage shed!

  • Purpose

How will you be using your portable warehouse?  If it will serve as a garden shed, the building should be placed near your garden. You may also want to make accommodations for a water source. Likewise, if the building will be used as a changing room for outdoor activities, it may need to be situated near your pool or hot tub.  Here are some other creative uses for storage sheds.  


  • Accessibility

The location of your building should make it convenient to access when needed. If your shed is located 100 yards away behind some bushes, you’re not going to want to venture out there very often. Make life easier on yourself by placing your shed in a relatively close and open area.

Also, keep in mind how your shed will be delivered. You want to ensure there is plenty of space for a simple delivery.  Talk with your Cook dealer about how much space will be needed while you’re looking at your favorite options.  Learn more about the delivery process here! 


  • Appearance

If it seems fitting, don’t be afraid to show off your shed.  As we’ve mentioned before, a nice storage building can actually add value to your home. Make your shed look like a cohesive part of the property. For instance, this may include making a lighted, stone pathway from your house to the shed.  Here are some other pathway ideas

To further aid your decision, it might be helpful to actually stake out the perimeter of your shed in your chosen spot. Are you still happy with the location and the way it will look there?  You may decide to make a few adjustments after this process.


There are many factors to consider when you are choosing the best location for your new storage shed. Meet your local dealer and talk with them about your options if you’re still undecided.  They are here to help you make the right decision for your purpose.  

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