Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep your Stuff


We all probably have more stuff than we actually use. Most people probably don’t even realize they have as much as they actually do. Even if you donate or sell some of these items throughout the year, things will just start to pile up again. It’s a part of life.

Knowing you have enough space for your stuff despite what comes up is essential to living a simple and stress free life. A Cook Portable Warehouse provides the storage space you need for any and all of life’s challenges and changes.

Then, you won’t have unorganized piles of stuff cluttering up your attic, basement and closets. You will know what you have and exactly where it is- right in your Cook shed!

For more on the common motivations for keeping your stuff, read this post! And here are more reasons why we think it’s a good idea to hold onto your stuff.

If someone is going through a major life event

If you or someone close to you is going through a major life change like a marriage, divorce or a death in the family, having extra storage could prove to be a helpful thing.

So if you are getting married, most likely you are joining 2 homes or spaces into one. There will most likely be some overflow and duplicates. But you don’t want to throw that stuff away. Store these things in your Cook building as back-ups, to donate, sell or re-gift in the future. And if you are a newlywed, read this blog for tips on how to downsize!

And if you are going through a divorce, you are obviously dealing with a different issue. You and your spouse have to separate possessions and decide on how to move forward.  A Cook warehouse is a perfect place to get organized during this process. If you are going through a divorce, read this post for our storage tips.

And finally, if your family is going through the terrible experience of the death of a loved one, you know the last thing on your mind is going through their possessions or home. With space right on your property, you can store those items until you are ready.

If you want more opportunities to travel

If your job requires a certain amount of travel or you just have the travel bug in your free time, you most likely need more storage. If you or your spouse have to be gone during the week, you won’t have to completely rearrange your lives. Or if you feel like taking an extended vacation, think about where you would feel safe keeping those valuables and other delicate items.

A Cook shed will keep everything in the same condition you left it so when you return there won’t be any bad surprises. You can also keep all your vacation supplies stored in your Cook building to avoid cluttering up your home.

As a showcase for your hobbies

Whatever your hobby of choice is you don’t want to risk things getting thrown away because they are stored in random places throughout your house.

Having your own storage space right outside lets you keep all the supplies and equipment you need together and gives you an opportunity to show off the things that you create. For more on why you should convert your shed into a hobby space, read this post!

For more ways to convert your Cook Portable Warehouse into the space of your dreams, download our free Shed Reference Guide below!