Why We Don’t Build Sheds on Site

One of the questions we hear a lot from customers is this: “Do you build sheds on site?”

The answer? No, we don’t. But we have a few good reasons not to.

It may seem odd and possibly even inconvenient for you, but let us explain. You might think that your options are limited when buying a pre-built portable building. But, would you be surprised if we said that was false?


Building On Site Inconveniences You:

Inconveniences of building a shed on siteLet’s say you decide to go with a contractor. A few different people show up to your home and start working. Their materials are all in the back of the truck, but they leave often to run to the nearest lumber yard to gather more of what they need. They pile most of the supplies in your backyard and begin laying out where they’re going to build.

But, the next day it rains…all over your lumber, softening the ground, preventing your builders from coming and working at least for a day. Unless it decides to rain all week and then you don’t see them for another week, possibly two, depending on what other projects they’ve also promised to finish up.

Now, the sun is shining. YAY! You’re so excited to see the builders you even decide to bring them some lemonade. You’re not even upset at the little bit of mud they’ve tracked into the house to use the restroom.

After a bit, a little longer than you had planned, you finally have the shed you’ve always dreamed of. You love it! You couldn’t be happier. You decide to add in some extra shelving, you add a pegboard to one wall and then start transferring things from your home and garage. You spend most of the weekend working on this, but discouragement starts to settle in as you notice just how quickly it’s all filling up. Purging happened weeks ago on a rainy day, so you know there’s nothing else to get rid of.


Soon, the walls start to close in on you a little bit.

If only you had decided to splurge and add that extra couple of feet to the back. But, now you’re just trying to make the most of what you’ve already paid for.

None of this scenario is terrible. It’s just a little inconvenient and you’ve discovered that you’ve paid a hefty sum for a little less than you actually needed. That’s not a good feeling to have at the end of a long, stressful process. So, what could have been different? 

Pre-Built Sheds Benefit You

Starting the shed construction process

So, how could your experience be different? The assumption is that purchasing a pre-built building means you don’t have any control on the design or style of your building. And, some believe it won’t last as long.

We concede that these statements may not be false for all pre-built buildings. But, let’s look at the experience you could have with Cook instead.

  • Custom Options Still Available: You have custom options to choose from, without having to go and pick out all of the doors, windows, flower boxes, etc. yourself. You can choose from our options. It saves you time and it saves you the headache of feeling like there are too many possibilities. We’ve chosen the quality you need, so you can choose the style you want.

  • Quality Control Throughout the Process: You can rest assured that each part of the building process has been watched over and approved. The Cook Building team constructs each shed in a quality controlled environment. We have supervisors who are checking and double checking each phase of construction from the frame to the finishing touches.

    building a Cook shed inside

  • No weather delays impacting construction:

    We build every day and aren’t pushed off by weather delays. You might see delivery be delayed because of the weather or the condition of your yard, but, those delays are minimal and only after the building has been completely built. You won’t experience an off and on construction process.

  • Not as limited by location.

    Finding a contractor in your area who is available to build on site, when you want it built, can be rather difficult. But, with Cook, we offer free delivery within 50 miles of any of our dealer locations. Take a look at this map…you’ll discover we’re across 14 states and counting! So, with us you’ll still get a custom built shed, without worrying about finding a local contractor.

    Finishing touches on a Cook shed

  • Rent to Own is an option

    You may have big plans for your shed, but once your contractor shows you the blueprint and quote, you may discover some major downsizing is needed. But, with Cook’s rent to own option, you can get the size and style shed you’ve been dreaming about but at the price you can afford. Each payment still goes toward paying off your shed which means you’ll quickly own it without going over budget.

You see, it’s actually better for you if your shed is built in a quality controlled environment, delivered within your time-frame and rented at a price that makes sense for your budget. Are you ready to see what custom options are available for your favorite shed or cabin style?