Why Your Shed Dealer Asks These 3 Questions

A portable building can be a big investment for your family, so it sometimes takes a little time to decide on the right shed. That’s why Cook shed dealers are here to help you.  

When you visit a shed lot, most likely you’ll have a lot of questions, but you may not know where to start. Don’t worry, your dealer is there to walk you through it! They understand the industry and know the buildings. They cannot only explain the shed’s features but point them out as you tour the buildings.   

When you arrive on a Cook lot, you’ll most likely hear three main questions from your local dealer.  What are those questions and why do they ask? Find out below!

Why Your Shed Dealer Asks These 3 Questions

  • What’s your name?

When someone knows your name, you’ve already established a connection. Cook dealers like to think of their customers as friends who have stopped by to say hello. Some of our dealers still have past customers who stop by for coffee even after they’ve purchased!

Asking your name just helps our dealers feel more comfortable with you, and they hope will make you feel more comfortable with them as well. It’s not a sales tactic, it’s just being polite.  


  • Why do you need a shed?

There are so many purposes for a Cook shed. You can read about some of the unique things we’ve seen over the years here.  Cook sheds are versatile and durable, which makes them a great asset to any home.

So, is your dealer being nosy in asking this question? No.

They just want to make sure you’re getting the right shed for your specific purpose.  Maybe you’re looking for a storage place but also want to have space to work. Your dealer might suggest the Handyman then, because it has two different rooms in it.

Or, if you’re searching for a place to store larger equipment, plus holiday decorations, your dealer may direct you to the Lofted Barn. You’ll have a space to store the larger equipment on the ground level and then store boxes on the loft above.  

No matter your purpose, your dealer can help you find the right fit. Talk with them, explain your plans and brainstorm together which shed might be the best choice.


  • What size are you thinking?

This is one of the most important questions that people don’t spend enough time thinking about.  They look through an empty shed and think how big it feels and looks, without really considering the space they’re working with in their backyard AND the space they need inside the shed.

You can read more about our free delivery process here and the space required for them to deliver your dream shed.

So, it’s ok to bring your tape measure! Evaluate how much room you really need and how it will fit into your yard’s landscape.Cook Shed Option

One of our dealers almost always suggests his customers choose a size and then go with one size larger. Too many times people forget to think about their future needs. They buy a shed thinking about what they need right now, leaving no space for growth.

Here’s a great post on why you should choose the larger shed.  

Let your dealer know what size you’re thinking. By knowing the purpose for the shed and the size, they’ll be able to better direct you to the shed you need.


Your Cook dealer may ask a few questions, but it’s only to ensure you leave with the RIGHT shed. Many of our dealers see this not as sales, but as a service. They know you’re coming to them with a need, and by answering these questions they can help fulfill it.  

No matter what shed lot you visit, don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Here are a few questions to help you find the right shed.

Not sure who your local dealer is? You can find them here or have them contact you by clicking below!