Your Top 3 Questions Answered About Cook Sheds in 3 Minutes

Building Cook Shed

If you’re beginning your portable building search, most likely you have or will have one of these three questions. 

On our Facebook page we answer these questions, and more, every day. If you haven’t followed us yet, you should. We share tips on transforming your shed and backyard into something more. Once your Cook shed is delivered, you’ll have something to show off to your neighbor Fred who’s been boasting about his new garage for the last 6 months.

So, let’s start by answering your basic questions so you can get on with finding the right shed to make Fred realize the grass is actually greener in your backyard…


  • Can you build on-site? 

All Cook sheds are built in a quality controlled environment and then delivered to your backyard. The Cook delivery process is free and our delivery drivers are trained to install the shed, level it and then double check for any issues that may have occurred during the delivery process. 

Selling pre-built sheds allows us to ensure the quality of our sheds. Before leaving our facility each shed is inspected and then inspected again upon installation. There’s a reason we’ve been the trusted name in portable buildings since 1984. We wouldn’t be offering a lifetime warranty on all treated components if we didn’t stand behind our buildings’ construction.

Our delivery drivers need about 2 feet on either side of the building to be able to deliver it safely. We’ve made it through some tight fits before, but this is the minimum required. If you’re not sure it will fit, you can always ask your local dealer to schedule a free site check on your property. You can learn more about our delivery process here. 

Now, your friend Fred had people in his yard for weeks with tools, lumber and other supplies strewn about while they built his garage. With a pre-built shed, delivered on turf tires, you just have to make sure the spot is ready for delivery. Little inconvenience on your part! 



  • Where are you located? 

Cook has shed dealers across the United States. Though our headquarters are in Southern Illinois, we build and deliver sheds to 14 states. We have both corporate and independent dealers who have sheds for sale or who can work with you to build a custom shed to be delivered. Here is a map of all of our dealers across the US. 

We are able to deliver within approximately 50 miles of any of our dealer locations.

After delivery, if you decide your rent-to-own shed is too small, we offer a trade-up option. What about Fred? Well, if he decides his garage is too small, he’s stuck with it.

Panama City Lofted Barn Purchase

  • How much are your sheds? 

Even though our sheds are pre-built, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a custom order. When purchasing you have options: 

    • Purchase a new or pre-owned shed from your local dealer. 
    • Purchase a Cook shed with custom features from your local dealer or an online sales facilitator. 

Since we do offer custom options, it’s best to talk with us about pricing. You can either talk with your local dealer or fill out the “build this shed” form to discuss pricing with an online sales facilitator over phone/email. You can decide on your favorite color, size, style, roof style, window placement, door options, etc.

Now, Fred took out a loan and isn’t even sure he’s happy with his garage. You, however, are enjoying the benefits of no loan, no credit check, and the knowledge that at any time you can end the agreement and send the shed back.  

Garden Shed Purchase

If you have other questions about storage sheds or our options, but aren’t ready to talk with your local dealer just yet, you may find the answers here. 

Ready to make Fred a little envious? Learn more about our shed options and buying process below!  {{cta(‘49165933-ba70-448a-9dac-7da486485d4b’,’justifycenter’)}}