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    Cook Sheds in Waco, Texas

    Cook Portable Warehouses provides top quality buildings across the United States. If you’re wanting to buy a shed near Waco, TX, be sure to stop by your local Cook lot!

    Building quality. Top of the line material. Warranties that matter.

    What kind of warranties does Cook offer?

    • A 5-year warranty for defects in workmanship.
    • A 40-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for Cook shingles.
    • A 50-year warranty for Cook’s exclusive 19/32″ shallow groove LP SmartSide siding.
    • And a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all treated components.

    Learn more about the possibilities with Cook Sheds, how our sheds are built and the payment options available. With Cook, you can choose our rent to own program that provides you with room for your things, no matter what budget you’re working with. 

    What sheds are most popular?

    It really depends on your storage needs and not what is most popular on the market. But, here are a few of our popular sheds and their main purpose. 

    • Utility Shed - It’s a versatile shed that can become just about anything you want. Add a garage door, a loft, more doors, more windows, etc. It’s a basic, durable design our customers love. 
    • Slim Shed - We have so many customers living in HOA communities or have limited yard space. But, they need storage sheds too! This is the solution that can fit right up against your home. 
    • Lofted Garage - Need a place for your car or large lawn equipment? Use the garage and then have extra home storage in the loft. Keeps your floors clear of excess clutter. 

    We believe there’s a Cook Portable Warehouse for every storage need in Waco. So, if you’re looking for extra storage, a garage or a hobby space visit our Waco shed lot.