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Sheds for You AND You

You need more room for your stuff, right? Everyone needs more space, but not everyone chooses the right blank canvas for their purpose.

Whether you’re a gardener, soccer dad, musician, remote worker, or just an exhausted mom who needs a tidier house...our sheds do the trick.

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Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need A Lot of Cash Right Now

We work with families who have been pouring money into an endless funnel just so they’ll have storage space across town. Why not start putting that money into something you’ll soon own, sitting on your own property?

We offer a Rent-to-Own Program that allows you to get the storage you need at the price that fits the budget.

  • No credit check
  • Small down payment
  • Free delivery/installation
  • A payment that fits the budget

Not sure you’re ready to buy?

We understand, it’s a big decision. But, don’t forget to keep going back to your basic storage needs. With our RTO program you can always trade up to a larger shed later if you discover that’s what you need. 

Do you need more space but you have a smaller backyard?

Slim Shed
Check out our Slim Shed.

Do you need space for you and for someone else in the family?

Check out our Handyman shed which offers two rooms.
Do you need space for storage and a vehicle or large equipment?

12 Ft Lofted Garage
Check out our Lofted Garage.

5 Key Features of the Best Backyard Shed 

Greg Cook himself walks us through what we’ve learned makes the best backyard shed. See why these are 5 features you don’t want to miss when searching for your portable building. 

4 Options For What to Put Under Your Shed

With a Cook shed, you might be shocked to learn you actually don’t have to put anything underneath your shed. Our buildings are rated for ground contact. But, many customers still choose to add something else because their ground isn’t level or they like the way it looks. Take a look at your options. 

Do You Really Need a Shed?

Is it possible for a shed company to tell you that you don’t need a shed? We never want to sell something to someone if they don’t need it, but in our experience everyone generally needs more space. You might discover you’re more ready than you realized after reading this article.