10 Clever and Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Shed

Ways to Organize Your Shed

Clutter. Clutter everywhere. Sometimes it overtakes your home. Sometimes it leads to a home that isn’t a haven, but a stress filled box. At some point you need to decide what you’re going to do about it before the stress of clutter spills into other areas of your life.

The good news is, we can help! For the last 30+ years we have helped our customers find room for their stuff. From hobbyists, collectors, to families searching for more space, Cook sheds can help you discover the space you need. 

Cook Portable Warehouses offers a variety of shed styles and sizes to fit your individual needs. It’s time to relocate whatever is cluttering up your craft area, garage, attic, basement, lawn, etc. and turn this new space into something beautiful. Create your own craft center, hobby shop, home office, or just a more organized storage area.

Don’t make a common mistake though. Many will simply move clutter from one location to another. That’s not going to help your stress level or help you find what you need, when you need it. Instead, let’s work together to develop an organizational plan that makes sense for your life. Make the most of your new shed. Use the following simple, clever and inexpensive techniques. 

Get organized and stay that way! See some of our favorite ideas below: 

  1. Use PVC pipe to organize your garden tools. Labeling each space with tape will allow you to keep things in their rightful place and help you see what’s missing. See how Ashbee Design does it! 

 Ashbee Design Shed

  1. Re-purpose old shelves by adding metal buckets, plastic containers or wooden crates. Use chalkboard style labels to designate what will go in each container. When your storage needs change, just erase the labels and write something new! Check out this DIY Chalkboard Crate. 

Chalkboard Crate DIY 5 from saved by love creations

photo credit:  Savedbylovecreations.com 

  1. Will you have electricity going to your shed?  If so, labeling cords will allow you to quickly see which plug goes to which device. Use bread ties or varying colors of electrical tape. See how Apartment Therapy says to best organize those cords! 

apartment therapy label cords 

photo credit: Apartment Therapy 

  1. Use toilet paper rolls and an old box to organize cords that aren’t currently in use. Check out how HGTV dresses up toilet paper rolls for a functional and stylish organizational hack. 



  1. Plastic containers with dividers or even an old tackle box can be great for storing small pieces that tend to get lost. You can store tools, craft supplies or small office supplies. Check out this tackle box craft kit! 


  1. Rotating spice racks are another good way to store small items. Label the lids of each jar so you can easily find whatever it is you’re wanting.

 Craft Spice Rack from Mommymoment.ca

Photo Credit: Mommymoment.ca 

  1. Mason jars offer an attractive, yet inexpensive storage solution that’s sure to go with any décor.


photo credit: Papersource.com

  1. Is your new space going to become a home office? Look at this smart and functional way to use an old toy chest



  1. Pegboards are ideal for storing and displaying anything from construction tools to crafting supplies. If you love the look and functionality of pegboards, you should look into our Handyman shed option! The pegboard is already built into one side of the wall. You will love this 2 sheds in 1 option!

Pegboard inside Handyman Shed

  1. If you really want to make this new space appealing, hide unattractive boxes behind a homemade curtain. See this tutorial from Love Your Room! 

desk skirt from loveyourroom.blogspot.com

photo credit: loveyourroom.blogspot.com

Becoming organized isn’t difficult; it just takes a bit of time and ingenuity. Once you get started, you may find you actually enjoy it. 

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