20 Can’t Miss Articles On Shed Ownership

   Purchasing the Right Shed:


  1. Building Your Own Shed, Is It Really Worth It?
    Do you think you’ll save money? Or, do you want the pride of saying you built your shed? 7 factors you should consider before making a decision on whether to build or buy a shed.Building Your Own Shed, It It Really Worth it?
  2. What Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Portable Building
    As you start searching for the right fit, make sure you ask your shed dealer these key questions so you fully understand who you are purchasing from. The answers will allow you to learn more about how long your shed will last and about the integrity of the company you’re buying from.
  3. 7 Important Factors to Look for When Buying a Shed
    You want to ensure your shed will last, so don’t overlook these 7 construction factors. Fully inspect any shed you’re considering purchasing. Make sure they’re made of quality materials and will stand the test of time.
  4. Where is the Best Location for my New Storage Shed
    Choosing your shed is a big decision, but choosing where it will go can also be a difficult choice.  Evaluate your yard and consider these three factors to help you make your decision a little easier.
  5. Our Shed Buying Process in 7 Simple Steps
    Not sure what to expect when purchasing a Cook shed? These steps will layout our simple process and help you get your favorite portable building on your property soon!
  6. 6 Creative Ways to Pay for your Cook Shed
    Afraid you can’t afford a storage or hobby shed for your backyard? Then check out these 6 creative ways to pay for your Cook shed. 

    Shed Maintenance:

  7. 5 Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Storage Shed  
    Is this you? “I love my shed! I just wish I’d bought a bigger one.” Customers are always saying this, but with a few creative storage solutions, you can make your space feel bigger. Try out these tips.
  8. Space Saving Tips for Your Portable Building
    Watch this quick video to help you save space in your shed! It may seem like a daunting task, but having an organized, clean shed is possible.    {{ script_embed(‘wistia’, ‘h4lk848pkb’, ‘undefined’, ‘responsive’) }}
  9. Why is My Shed Floor Rotting?
    Moisture is a big enemy to your shed’s floor. Learn about how Cook Portable Warehouses combats this issue with their flooring system.
  10. How to Safely Re-Level Your Shed
    As part of the Cook’s delivery service, our drivers will set up and level the shed. But, because of weather and other factors over the years, your shed could settle too much, making it necessary to re-level it.  Learn how to safely do this.
  11. 3 Security Tips for Protecting Your Shed
    Your portable building could be used to store prized possessions or expensive equipment, so keep it secure.  Here are three tips to protect your shed.
  12. What to Consider Before Adding Electricity to Your Shed
    Working with electricity can be very dangerous and should be left up to a professional. Learn more about what you should know as you consider adding electricity to your shed.Electricity In Your Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

    Shed Ideas:

  13. Own a Shed? Here’s How to Turn It into an Office or Studio
    Want to have a private office away from the house? Want to create a studio for jam sessions? 10 steps to help you create the perfect space for focus or pursuing your dreams.
  14. 15 Creative Uses for Portable Warehouses
    Your shed can be so much more than just a storage space! Check out these 15 ideas, use your imagination and make your portable building fit your needs.Creative Uses for Your Portable Warehouse + Cook Portable Warehouses
  15. 11 Ways to Turn A Shed Into the Perfect Children’s Playhouse
    Make your shed a special place for fun and learning for your kids! Here are creative ways to turn your shed into the perfect playhouse and keep the clutter out of your home.
  16. He Shed, She Shed, Create a Shed for Everyone
    Do you feel like you and your partner never do anything together? Don’t ban him/her to the shed for their hobbies, make the shed a space for both of you to work and pursue your interests. Learn how!
  17. How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave from a Backyard Shed
    Whether you’re a gamer, musician or sports fan, you can create the perfect Man Cave in your backyard.Check out these ideas!
  18. How to Create the Perfect She Shed for You  
    Ladies, this is the perfect spot just for you and your interests. Love to garden? Want your own library/reading nook? Want more space for your craft projects? Then create the perfect She Shed just for you!
  19. How to Convert Your Cook Shed into a Guest House
    College kids heading home? Or do you want to have a place for the in-laws? Then convert your shed into a quaint space specifically for guests visiting.
  20. Convert Your Cook Shed Into a Tiny Home
    Feel like it’s time to downsize? Then use your Cook shed to create a tiny home! Plus, you can download our free guide here.

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