3 Complaints About Cook Sheds And How We Handle Them

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Just like any organization, there are days where complaints come in. We don’t like those days, so long ago we decided to hire more people instead of work with third party companies so we can ensure the Cook quality from sales to construction to delivery. But, occasionally things don’t work as planned, or things don’t work the way our customers think they should. That’s understandable, again every organization deals with these types of challenges.

Since 1984 we’ve built portable buildings for families, business owners and farmers. We love serving our community and have enjoyed seeing that community expand throughout 14 states over the last few decades. 

So, what complaints do we hear most often? 

  • Complaint 1: Delivery wait time is too long

This one can vary for a number of reasons, starting with the season we’re in and whether you’re purchasing a pre-built building or have requested a custom build.

At times, higher purchase volume can put our delivery schedule farther out than we have projected. But, at those times, we try to provide customers updates if the schedule needs to change. 

If you choose to purchase from one of our dealer lots, then you can generally experience a quicker delivery time. For those of you adding custom features and colors to your building style, then you might experience a few extra weeks of wait time before delivery. 


So, why should you wait? Can someone else deliver faster than Cook? Possibly. But, we think there’s a reason for that: 
    1. We offer a lifetime warranty on all treated components that no one else offers. We build our buildings with integrity, which means we take quality control seriously so your building lasts for years to come.
    2. Our employees deliver, not a third party company. We like having control over the experience you receive, so from sales to construction to delivery, we’re working hard to hire the right people to make your purchase simple and hassle free. 

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  • Complaint 2: We don’t list public prices.
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This one is difficult, as we aren’t trying to be secretive about our prices. But, we know everyone has different storage needs and financial capabilities, so we like to have a conversation first. We are able to pair the storage style and size to the price or rent-to-own plan that works for you. 

Your local dealer and our Online Sales Facilitators are equipped to help you find the storage shed you need at the price you can afford. We always like to remind our customers that just because you can find a cheaper shed, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. We help a lot of customers who need storage space today, but don’t want to waste money on a storage unit or a shed that won’t last but a few years. 

Learn more about our rent-to-own options. 


    • Complaint 3: We won’t build on site.


This one isn’t actually a problem for as many customers as you might think. We’ve worked with some very tight fits over the years! But, the reason we don’t build on site is again for quality control and also as a courtesy to you. With us, you still have custom options available and you still get the same quality you would expect from having construction workers in your own backyard. But, you only have to worry about someone being in your backyard for delivery, not days or weeks during the building process. You don’t have to worry about tools and equipment cluttering up the yard. Plus, our sheds are rated for ground contact, which means you don’t have to worry about a concrete foundation, unless you decide that’s what you would prefer. 

If you’re worried the shed won’t fit, then you can simply schedule a free site check. You can learn more about scheduling those here. 

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Purchase a Shed Online

Now, one of the great things about our company is that it doesn’t matter that we’re across 14 states, we give you one number to call. If you want to purchase, if you want to ask about delivery schedules or if you want to discuss a concern you have, you always know who to contact: 1-800-772-7883

We know we will never be able to please everyone, but we do our best to do what we do best: Create a durable building for when you need more room for your stuff.