4 Reasons to Choose the Lofted Garage



Having an overhead door gives your portable building even more versatility. Whether you’re driving your car, tractor or utility vehicle into it, the Lofted Garage is the perfect fit for those needing both vehicle and miscellaneous storage space.

Cook’s Lofted Garage comes in a variety of sizes and does have the ability to be customized. Here are the available sizes:

12′ x 20′

12′ x 24′

12′ x 28′

12′ x 32′

With Cook, your shed is your blank canvas. Whether you need it for lawn equipment, general home storage or your hobby, Cook portable buildings are a long lasting investment for your property.

Here are other reasons a Lofted Garage is a great choice for your home!

  • Overhead door for easy access to equipment or vehicles.

Inside a Lofted Garage with the Door Up

This garage style can accommodate cars, boats, all-terrain vehicles and lawn equipment. The steel garage door gives your equipment protection while providing easy access for when you need it. The overhead door is 9’ wide 6’6” and has two color options, brown or white.


  • Heavy duty floor system to hold larger storage items or vehicles.  

Since vehicles or heavy equipment will be stored in the garage, we build our heavier floor system option into this style. The package price of the Lofted Garage includes a heavy duty floor system with 3/4” floor decking and floor joists 12” on center.

We also add a durable aluminum plate to the threshold of every Cook building for added protection against daily wear and tear. Learn more about how our floor systems are built here.


  • Window and side door included.

Side door and window in Lofted Garage

Some of our shed styles only have one door, but the Lofted Garage has the overhead door with an additional 48” side entrance door built into the price.

You will also be able to choose the placement of your 24” x 36” window. As an additional feature you can have shutters and a flower box added as well.


  • The loft provides additional storage space.


The Lofted Garage is perfect for the outdoorsman who also needs space for general storage. Use the lower level for vehicles, workshop or lawn equipment. Then use the loft for seasonal storage or long-term storage. Just remember to label everything once you store it! We even have free labels for you to use. Download below.


  • Lifetime warranty on all treated components.

Many shed companies may say they have warranties, but don’t forget to read the fine print. With Cook, you know you have a lifetime warranty on all treated components whether you purchase a new or pre-owned portable building.

We’ve been in business since 1984 and our warranties show that we stand behind our product.

Also, if you do have a warranty issue, you will still call Cook Portable Warehouses. Our team takes care of everything from delivery, financing, to warranty claims.


If you’re needing some help paring down what you’ll be storing in the loft, take a look at some of these tips! Or, if you’re not sure the Lofted Garage is the best fit for you, take a look at our other shed styles. But, if you’re ready to begin building your own Lofted Garage, then click below!