6 Personalities of a Shed Owner

Nixa Backyard Handyman Shed

Everyone has different needs for their shed. But it goes beyond that, we know when a new person walks on any of our shed lots, we’re dealing with different personalities who prioritize and value different things. 

Do any of the personalities below describe you or your spouse? The good news is we help all types find the best storage solution for their personality, their yard and their budget. 



The Analyzer - Measuring-Yard---AdobeStock_121479031

  • Analyzer: Shed buying for the analytical and logical is strictly a practical choice. You’ve fully examined your family’s storage needs. You’ve gone over the budget and know exactly how much you can afford as a part of our rent-to-own program. You’ve already measured the yard, the fence opening and the exact spot your shed will be placed. You’ve examined each of the shed choices, you’ve read the warranty information in full. You know you’re not only making an economical choice, but you’re also making a lasting investment for your family’s home. 




  • Dreamer: We all like to think of ourselves as dreamers, but let’s be honest, some people really are through and through. They show up on the lot and they’re not exactly sure which direction their shed is going to go. It could be a music studio or it could be an art studio. Or it could be just a place to store their Christmas and Halloween decorations so they have more space inside their house for their 3 different hobby rooms. It’s possible our dealers may struggle a little with sending you in the right direction if this describes you, but we’ve been in the business a long time so we can handle it. The good thing here is that our sheds are literally your blank canvas. So, no matter which shed style you choose, you’re choosing the right style for your future needs. 




  • Entrepreneur: When you have ideas you jump on them. You know a good investment when you see it and that’s what you’ve started to realize as you’ve explored our shed options. You’re looking for an affordable space to set up shop, build an office, or just store extra business supplies. You’re always looking for new ideas to expand your business and ultimately your profit. Maybe our shed is where you house your business or maybe it’s just where you create so you can sell your goods, either way, you’re making a great choice with a Cook shed. 




  • Entertainer: You’re focused on the act of creating or inviting others into your creation as you tour each of our shed options. Whether you’re building a backyard pub, a music studio, a man cave, an art studio, etc, you’re looking to not only entertain but inspire your guests. We’ve seen our Cook sheds become all of these things and more! Or, perhaps you love the idea of entertaining more friends at your house but it just feels too cluttered. That’s when your shed becomes more than just a storage solution. It becomes your key to expanding your social life. 




  • Introvert: We won’t talk about you much, we know that’s embarrassing, but we also know you’re looking for a spot to relax and retreat from the world for a bit. Maybe you’re storing your emergency supplies, maybe you’re just wanting a place to enjoy the game, in your recliner, in peace. Maybe you’re wanting to retreat and create in silence. Whatever fuels your energy, do that. 




  • Organizer: You want everything to have a place. And right now, you’re finding tools in your kitchen, bouncy balls in your home office and gardening tools on your dryer. We know it’s driving you crazy. Make space for literally everything by gifting your sanity with a new Cook shed in the backyard. You’ll be happier, more at peace knowing things are in place (at least for a few days anyway). 


If you’re not sure which shed style or size is right for your purpose or backyard, our local dealers and Online Sales Facilitators are here to help you discover the right solution. Whether you’re a through and through organizer or a dreamer, our sheds are your blank canvas. Use them as the sturdy base to any creation.