Become a Pro-Husband, Tips to Live By

You romanced her. You said your vows. Now the honeymoon is over and the real work begins.

Become a pro-husband, tips to live by:


Become a Pro Husband, Tips to Live By + Cook Portable Warehouses


Don’t mow over her flowers. 

Pro-Husband Tip: Don


Know the difference between flowers and weeds in the yard. You may be 99.9% sure it’s a weed. It may not look pretty or even have a bloom on it. But, that doesn’t automatically mean you should mow it down. Pay attention to her when she tells you about the new plants she’s added to the landscape. You will thank yourself later when a questionable plant is about to meet your mower blades.


Share your space.

 Pro-Husband Tip: Share Your Space!  + Cook Portable Warehouses


When you buy your Cook shed, don’t tell her it’s “your” space. The trend may be for She Sheds or Man Caves, but couldn’t you both share the space? Read more about how you can both use your new shed peacefully.


Don’t let your pride win.Pro-Husband Tip: Don


If you say you’re going to tackle a weekend project and your wife says she doesn’t think you can handle it, take her advice. She knows you can do anything you set  your mind to, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wisest choice for you or your marriage. So, think about it before you commit to a weekend project that may be above your skill level. 


Admit to your wife you aren’t perfect.

Pro-Husband Tip: Admit to your Wife You Aren


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  So when you do tackle that weekend project that’s above your skill level and you find yourself stuck, don’t be afraid to admit you need help. It may be late Saturday and you’re exhausted, but don’t let your pride get in the way. It may be time to finally admit to your wife you aren’t perfect. She’ll be shocked, but you’ll both eventually get past it.


Give the right kinds of gifts.

Pro-Husband Tip: Give the right gift + Cook Portable Warehouses


(HINT: This isn’t it)

Pro-Husband Tip: Give the Right Kinds of Gifts + Cook Portable Warehouses


Special occasions… There are quite a few during the year. But on none of them is it appropriate to buy them a tool for work. No vacuums, no lawn mowers, no dishwashers. Even if she insists that’s what she wants and really needs, be sure to pair it with a romantic gift. Make her a candlelit dinner or take her out for dinner and live music.


Do projects together.

Pro-Husband Tip: Do projects together + Cook Portable Warehouses


You may see it as a “girl” project or a “guy” project, but it might be a project better accomplished together. Working toward a common goal will bring you closer and help you understand how your wife thinks and tackles problems.


Remember to keep outside projects…outside.

Pro-Husband Tip: Keep Outside Projects Outside + Cook Portable Warehouses


You may think the kitchen floor is the best place to put something together, but most likely your wife will think differently. So, unless the weather will hinder your health, try to keep your projects outside, or better yet, in your Cook shed!


Don’t track in dirt, it’s never good for your marriage. Pro-Husband Tip: Don


This is the simplest tip, but so important: Keep your muddy shoes outside.  Tracking in dirt isn’t good for your relationship, trust us.


Stop arguing about how you don’t have enough space.

Buy a shed. 

Skip the divorce.

Pro-Husband Tip: Buy Shed, Skip Divorce + Cook Portable Warehouses


Cook Portable Warehouses wants to see your home happy and healthy. Take our advice and become a pro-husband!

Pro-Husband Tips + Cook Portable Warehouses


If you want to tackle some projects around the house to impress your lady, download our home and garden guide for every season.