Create a Sewing or Craft Room in a Shed

Create the Perfect Sewing or Craft Room + Cook Portable Warehouses

The passion to craft is usually born out of a creative mind looking for ways to show those around them they care. Part of the gift is the time dedicated to create something special!

But, every crafter knows they can never have enough space! Most don’t have time to work on a project every day, and sometimes the hassle of cleaning up and putting it away prolongs the process. A portable building though can fix this problem! You can create a craft room in a shed! 

Cook Portable Warehouses can be the perfect place to set up your crafting station. You’ll have room for storage, equipment and planning your projects.

The best part is you don’t have to put it all away! Leave it out for the next free moment you have to work on it. No need to hide your mess anymore! Just close the door and lock it up tight.

You can call it a portable building, hobby space or she shed, but the main thing is to make this space yours! Here are some great ideas on how to create the perfect sewing or craft room out of your Cook shed.


Create a workflow!

As you begin to plan your space, you want to look at the best workflow for your projects. Here are some examples to help you think about what you will need.

  1. Do you sew? You’ll want plenty of table space, not obstructed by your sewing machine, to cut fabric and layout your quilts or clothing pieces. Also, you’ll need to think about where your sewing machine can go that will be near an electrical outlet and under ideal lighting.Girl sitting at sewing machine  
  2. Do you scrapbook or make cards? Then you’ll want designated space for all of your tools, stamps, and supplies, separate from your work space. Plus, you’ll want a space to place all of your finished or half finished pieces to be stored or displayed to be admired.
  3. Do you knit or crochet? You’ll need to think about lighting, yarn storage and chair placement.  

Most of your workflow is set up around your craft and electrical needs. Before adding electricity to your space, you need to decide on your workflow to see where lighting and equipment will be placed.

Electricity should not be taken lightly and should be handled by a professional. Here is what you should consider before adding electricity to your shed.

 Utility Shed Turned Into a She Shed


Get organized!

There are so many ideas for how to best organize your fabric and craft supplies! Pinterest is a crafter’s best friend after all.

But, the best advice on organizing your craft room or shed is this:

  1. Reuse what you already have!  Use those mason jars, or even old peanut butter jars to store buttons, bobbins or other small items. Or, use a paper towel holder to keep your ribbons organized and easily accessible. For fabric organization, use a filing cabinet and hanging file folders. Or, for paper scraps, use pant hangers and plastic sheet protectors.filing cabinet fabric from the thinking closet
  2. Label everything and create a designated space for it. Sometimes it’s hard to remember where you put that random item. You didn’t throw it away because you knew it would come in handy one day…but then that “one day” came and you couldn’t find it.  Label accurately and have a designated space for items like this. This cuts down on one of the stresses of crafting – simply not being able to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Put it back immediately.  This sounds like something your mom told you when you were a kid. Granted, it is, but it’s also great advice that shouldn’t be ignored.  As soon as you use something, put it back under the correct label. This helps in two ways: it decreases clutter on your worktable, and it makes cleanup a simple, quick task! 

Deck out your space! 

This is the fun part! Add color and vibrancy to your space. You’re a creative person, so don’t forget to craft a few things to add to your new sewing or craft room.

See below how Julie took her Cook Utility Shed and turned it into a she shed and craft room. She added her own touch to everything in the room from the entrance, to the lighting, to her craft table.

Hear more of Julie’s She Shed story! Plus, these prints added to your walls are sure to inspire you to be even more creative!

Converting your shed into a craft room will soon become one of your favorite projects! Get the family involved in making it your space. If you need to keep kids occupied while you’re crafting, don’t forget to add a special corner that’s filled with fun activities for them.

Start building your sewing or craft room today! A Cook shed can provide you with the space you need to do what you love. Click below to start building your hobby shed!