Do You Really Need a Shed?

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You’re thinking about getting a shed. But, is it the right time? Do you need a storage shed or would something else suffice?

There are obviously lots of options for storage, carport cabinets, attached garage, attic, more organized closets, etc. But, for many of our customers, this just isn’t enough. Or, maybe you’ve looked at getting a storage unit. It’s a decent option, but it’s also an inconvenient one. Plus, it’s investing in something you’ll never actually own.

So, let’s see if it’s time for you to get a portable shed for your backyard. We’ll ask a few questions and see where you end up. 

  • Do you find yourself cursing whenever you can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Yes? Then you value organization, but there’s just not enough space to stay organized for long. With additional storage space you’re able to spread out your items a little more and truly have an organizational system. 

  • Does your closet or garage look like a wall of stuff, resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa? 

It’s hard to even know where to start when you’re afraid to even open the closet or garage door. When things start piling up above your waist it might be time to invest in more storage space. We even make it easy with our year-round checklist for items that you may be storing in your shed. 


  • Do you argue often with your spouse about where new items will go? 

We know you never argue with your spouse…it’s just earnest conversations, right? We get it, everyone wants their stuff to be more accessible and when you’re working with a small house, small closets, small garage, it can quickly feel like your things aren’t priority anymore. But, remember, if you do get a portable shed you have to share it…don’t forget. Not that your spouse will let you. Check out this article for a few tips on how to keep everyone happy! 

  • Have you dreamed of a space to call your own? A craft room? Workshop? Man cave? She shed? Office? Garden shed?

A space just for you. For your work. For your hobby. For your mental health. Especially these days when more and more time is spent at home, it’s important to create a space and time for the things you love. Our sheds are the perfect blank canvas for any hobby enthusiast. Take a look at some of these shed transformations:

    • Art Studio: This customer completely transformed the outside and inside to match her artistic expressions. She’s held classes here for local artists and also just loves having a dedicated space for her own work. See more pictures of her transformed Cook shed.
      Art Studio from a Cook Shed
    • Workshop: Calming Creek Woodworks took a Handyman shed and created an efficient, well-lit workshop. Watch here to see all of the features they added to make this their dream woodworking space. 
    • She Shed: It doesn’t get any more relaxing than this. One of our customers created her very own backyard oasis. A space that is all her own! She can craft, read and occasionally invite her husband and son to join her for a moonlit movie night. 
      She Shed
  • Is your expensive equipment sitting out under a tarp or metal awning, pretty much exposed to the elements?

You saved up and finally were able to get that lawn mower or ATV, but sadly your investment is now minimally protected. The tarp isn’t going to cut it for long. You can keep buying new tarps, and potentially even buy more equipment when yours rusts, or you can buy a shed so you can keep your initial investment intact. 

  • Are you simply tired of not having enough space? 

This is what it comes down to for most customers. You’re just simply tired of not having the space you need for your hobby, your kids’ sports equipment, gardening tools, your Christmas decorations that seem to grow every year, etc. We always recommend getting a slightly larger shed than you think you’ll need because you never know when you’ll need that little bit of extra space. 


If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the above questions, we’d probably say you’re ready for a storage building. We recommend having the storage space added to your backyard preferably under an affordable rent-to-own payment (we can handle that!)


Before purchasing a shed, we do encourage you to ask questions (even if you purchase somewhere else). Here are 5 somewhat uncommon answers for your shed search to check out.  

Are you ready to put an end to the frustration of not having enough space?