From Mower Storage to Kid Stuff to a Workshop, How To Transition Your Shed’s Purpose

It’s all stuff. But, it’s YOUR stuff. 

It’s valuable, it’s meaningful, some of it is even irreplaceable. When people need more room for their stuff, they call us. But, over the years, your need for storage may not always be the same.

You may need more or less. You may just need space for a lawn mower for your first year, but then kids come along and all of a sudden you need a place to store furniture, yard toys, a kid bike trailer and an extra stroller. 

lawn equipment storage needs

Years down the road you’re transitioning all the baby stuff and making more room for sports equipment because your daughter plays volleyball and your son is gearing up for football this Fall. Plus, you enjoy camping with the family a few times a year and you’d like to have a designated spot for all of your gear. 


Add a few years more and the sports gear is getting shoved to the back of the shed to make room for your kid’s dorm room stuff. Or maybe it’s your parent’s furniture because they’re downsizing but are struggling to get rid of a few things. Or maybe you’re clearing it all out to give your teenager a place for their band to practice. Or maybe you’re finally investing in the workshop space you’ve been dreaming of building for decades.

Your shed goes through many different phases of “life” as it mimics your life’s needs. You just have to make sure your shed is ready for each new stage.  

So, how do you transition and transform your storage space each time life takes a turn? Here are a few things to consider: 


  • If you haven’t purchased a shed yet, keep in mind that your shed is an investment for your future. So, what you need your shed for today will most likely change. If that happens, will the shed you’re purchasing grow with you? We always say to go up at least 1 size from what you think you need. But, if you’re unsure, choose our Rent-to-Own Program and then you’ll be able to trade up to a larger size if you discover you do in fact need more space. Talk about flexibility! 

Rent to Own Shed Options

  • Once you have your shed, spend time organizing and staying organized. This means purging occasionally. As you take on each new life step, stay on top of purging or giving away items you know you no longer need. This will allow you to maximize your current investment, without being constantly frustrated that you don’t have enough space. 


  • Create boundaries for your storage space. Yep, boundaries. Everyone in the family needs to know the purpose of your shed and where key items are to be stored. This will keep things more clutter free, plus it will help keep (at least for a while) your shed from becoming the catch-all room. No one ever wants to get up early to mow on a Saturday morning only to discover there’s a chair, beach ball and a volleyball net all right in front of the mower. Create some boundaries and structure for your storage your whole family can follow. Here’s another great article to help you make your shed useful for YOU. 

Garden Shed Tall 10X12

You can protect your stuff and keep your stuff, as long as you trust where you’re keeping it. We think Cook buildings are pretty reliable…but we might be a little biased. We’ll let you read what our customers have to say here. 

No matter the purpose for your shed, Cook builds a solid, blank canvas for your needs. Check out these 15 creative uses for inspiration.