Furniture & Storage Options for Your Shed

Shed Furniture And Storage Options

Add the right storage options to your shed to make your portable building organized and efficient. With a Cook portable building you have the perfect blank slate to begin with! Each of our styles fits different needs. Take a look at our shed styles and see what will be best for your backyard!  

As you work on filling your portable building and organizing your things, here are some furniture and storage options to consider for your shed.


With the Cook Handyman shed, there are two small workbenches by the windows you can use that come pre-built. But, you may decide you need more space. You can buy workbenches to add to your shed or you can build one to better fit your space and needs. The Family Handyman has a step-by-step tutorial of how to build your very own workbench for around $50! Check out their tutorial and video here.


Opt for sturdy metal or wood shelving as plastic tends to bend after time with heavy items stored on them.

Also, you might be able to use the space between studs more efficiently. Build shelves in between them, or add a piece of wood in between two studs to act as a holder for shovels, rakes, etc. Or you can combine those two ideas like Shanty 2 Chic did! Here’s their step by step instructions.

Or build a shelving unit or scrap wood organizer using these directions…with your scrap wood!


You may want to add different sized hooks to your shed walls to hold hoses or electrical cords. Or you may want to hang your bike from the wall or ceiling. You might even find some items you want to hang near your workbench inside a wire basket that you have hung from the ceiling.

PVC Pipe

There are many ways you can use PVC Pipe outside of just the plumbing of your home. You might turn it into a power tool holder like this example. Or you may want to make a holder for your garden tools like this example. Either way, be sure to label them so you keep everything in their right place.


No more wall space? You can still hang your tools on a pegboard that you hide underneath your workbench. Cut small slits on the top and bottom of the shelving so you can easily slide the pegboard in and out as you need it. See how they did it here!

milk crates in shed

Milk Crates

Whether they’re plastic or wire, you can mount these to the wall to hold sports equipment or other small items. Check out this example here!

Don’t forget the small additions!

Add stools or folding chairs, especially near your work station. Or, do you plan on standing a lot at your workbench? You’ll want to get an anti-fatigue mat to give your feet some relief as you work.

If you’re considering buying a shed, one of the biggest mistakes people make in buying a shed is not buying the right size for their stuff. The good thing is that with the Cook Rent to Own Program you actually have the option to trade up if you do find that you’ve bought a shed that is too small for your situation.

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