How to Choose the Right Shed Size for your Needs

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You’ve finally decided to take the chance, but that nagging voice in the back of your head has started piping up again –

“How do I know what size shed I’ll need?”

“Will all my stuff fit?”

“What if I get a shed that doesn’t fit in my backyard?”

Buying a shed is a big step. There’s no magical formula for making the right choice, but we think we can help. For starters, pay attention to these 3 factors when considering what shed size is right for you.


How will you be using your portable building? Will it serve as a hobby center, an art studio, or an office? Maybe you need a shed for basic storage purposes. If so, what type of things will you be storing? Will it be a small collection of garden tools or larger items like a lawnmower, an ATV and a truck?

You’ll want to take inventory of what you need stored. Once you receive your shed, there’s a good chance you’ll find even more ways to fill it up, so we recommend purchasing a building one size larger than what you think you’ll need. Need more convincing? We wrote about that too!

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Future Growth

It’s also important to factor in the potential for your own future growth. As time goes on, you’ll begin to accumulate more and more, eventually requiring more storage space. If your portable shed is being used as a business location or hobby shop, consider the possibility of future expansion. Choosing a larger shed now could save you from having to buy more buildings later. Unless you’re under our rent to own program which has a built-in trade-up option.


Where will this building be situated? Having enough space for your shed is just as important as having enough space inside your shed. What’s the point of buying a durable portable shed if you have nowhere to put it? To ensure your shed can be delivered and installed, Cook Portable Warehouses offers free site checks. We will send a driver by to check to make sure there is enough clearance for them to deliver the shed and install it right where you want it. And, not to brag, but our drivers are pretty amazing at getting through some tight spots. Check out the video below!

You might even draw a mock layout. Look at the amount of space you have and the items you’re wanting to store. Play with different arrangements so you have a plan for keeping things organized and easily accessible. This will give you an idea about how much additional space you may need.

When your shed is paid off, you may add electricity, insulation and drywall. If that’s the case, take that into consideration now. Making these additions will decrease the overall inside space you have. So you may need to get a larger shed to give you the right amount of space when the inside is finished.

Once you decide on the size shed you need, the rest of the process is easy! Have fun browsing through our various shed styles and then customize one to fit your individual taste. Today, let’s start building your shed.