Myth vs. Fact – Common Shed Misconceptions

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Purchasing a shed takes time and research. At Cook, we know that and encourage it! That’s why we like to lay out the information you’re searching for or maybe aren’t sure to ask for. Below, we’ll explain common misconceptions we hear when talking with customers. 

Some of these myths may be true for other shed companies, but they aren’t true for Cook. Take a look and let us know how we can help you find the right shed at the right price. 


Myth: Sheds need a solid foundation to sit on. 

Fact: Cook sheds do not need a concrete foundation. They can sit right on the ground. 

We use wood that is rated for ground contact unlike most competitors. This means you just need a flat surface in your yard to keep it level. The structure itself doesn’t not need to be on blocks or a poured foundation to keep it looking in pristine shape. Some customers decide to pour a foundation but it’s an unnecessary additional cost for most backyards. 



Myth: All sheds are created equal. 

Fact: Even if the shed looks identical there are many features that make a huge impact on the shed’s durability. 

Take a close look at some of the features that make Cook sheds durable and versatile.

    Venting the roof at its peak provides superior ventilation. It helps prevent excessive heat damage to shingles and your storage.
    Our 2 x 4 wall studs are placed 24″ on center with Double Studs put where the siding meets. This technique provides a larger nailing surface and prevents separation and gaps at the siding seams.
    Hurricane straps are available in some areas.
    We add a durable aluminum plate to the threshold of every Cook building to provide additional protection against daily wear and tear.
    We use a higher grade of treated lumber specifically rated for direct ground contact for the skids and floor joists of our floor system.

And if you don’t believe that these features make a difference, then read about our LIFETIME Warranty on all treated components! Cook stands behind its products.


Myth: Cook charges high interest rates. 

Fact: With Cook’s Rent-to-Own program you don’t pay any interest.

Here’s how the Rent-to-Own Program works:

  • Each month you pay, the money is applied to your lease. But, you’re not just renting it. We’re also applying it to your purchase option. So, at the end of your rental agreement you own it!
  • If at any time you want to purchase your building fully you can do so with no penalty.
  • Why do customers choose this option?
    • If at any time the building becomes a financial burden, you can simply return it with no damage to your credit. With standard financing options this is not possible.
    • If you decide you have outgrown your building you can trade up to a larger building without losing your initial investment.
    • At any time you’re able to pay off your building without a prepayment penalty.
    • Cook does not check credit or tie up credit that you may need for larger purchases like cars and homes.

We know many of our customers need a risk free option to get the storage solution they need right now. If at any time your financial situation changes, then you can simply let us know and return it with no penalty to your finances. 


Myth: Once you decide on a shed, you’re stuck with it. 

Fact: By choosing Cook’s Rent-to-Own program, you can trade up to a different size shed if you decide you need a larger storage space. 

It’s a great perk if you’re unsure you need a shed long-term or if you’re unsure you need that particular size shed. This way, you get to try your shed on for size. If you need something larger, let us know and we’ll trade it out for one that fits your needs best. 


Myth: Paying for a storage unit is much cheaper. 

Fact: Paying for a storage unit is paying into something you will NEVER own.

Through our Rent-to-Own program, you are actually putting money toward a storage building you will own one day. With Cook, you are building equity, not throwing it away.


Myth: It takes a huge deposit to deliver a storage building. Fact: With Cook, shed delivery is free whether you choose the rent to own or purchase option.

Since our Rent-to-Own program isn’t a financing program, you’re able to get a shed with very little down payment so it fits YOUR budget. Plus, when it’s delivered, you’ll know your delivery driver is a trusted member of the Cook team. We hire our own drivers who undergo background checks and other qualifications. Unlike many other shed companies, we do not contract this work out. Read more about our delivery process here!

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We take pride in each of our sheds. We strive to build the best buildings with the best materials. Because we do this, our portable buildings can be used for any purpose you choose, from a she shed, to a workshop, to a guest house. Let’s get started building YOUR shed.