Our Top 5 Favorite Space Saving Techniques

If you’re like most American families, you’re utilizing all of your space in the house, garage and shed. But, most aren’t using it efficiently. That means, there’s probably room for improvement for at least one room in your home. 

So, today, we’re tackling space efficiency in your shed. We’ve found 5 space saving techniques that we think are a great edition to just about any shed style. 


Add a pegboard and mark each item’s home. 

You can add a pegboard and in two weeks you’ll be wondering where all of your tools went. So, organize your tools to maximize space on the wall. Then, draw around each item so when you’re done using it, you’ll know exactly where it goes. Every time. Watch our video for more storage ideas below: 

Add tracks on the ceiling for storing plastic containers. 

This video explains step by step how to create the tracks to fit storage containers. You can free up your floor space while also creating more storage space in your shed or garage. 



Hang a towel rod. 

You might need to hang a towel at some point, but these work great as a place to store your clamps. Now, they’ll be easily accessible during your next woodworking project. 


Use those studs!

If you added a loft to your shed, add some 2x4s to the studs to create a ladder. Or, create shelving for specific items such as your weed eater or leaf blower. This video shows you how to maximize that space between each stud! 


Hang a $20 DIY bike rack

By adding coated bike hooks along a 2×4, you’re able to create a place for not just one bike but all of your bikes and scooters. It frees up your floor space and keeps them neatly on the wall where they’re easily taken down when the family is ready to ride. 


At Cook we are all about helping people find room for their stuff. That starts with the right portable building but continues with tips and tricks like these for keeping your shed organized.

Need a shed? Let us help you find the right storage solution!