Positive Side Effects of Purchasing a New Shed

Stop focusing on the negativity in the world for a second.

Here are the positive side effects you could experience when purchasing a new shed for you and your family. 

Beaumont Cook Shed Customer



Shed buyers may experience higher than average productivity from spouses. More yard work getting done, projects finished, more flowers planted, more grass mowed, more weeds sprayed, more power washing of windows and sidewalks, more painting of run down areas. Expect for your pool to look a little too clean and inviting, so much so that you may have to un-invite neighborhood friends at times.  



Watch for low stress levels in your body. This often occurs when you realize everything in your home finally has a place of its own. The most common cause is walking into your home after a long day only to find it exceptionally tidy and less cluttered than ever. This is the perfect environment for stress to leave the body. 


Family communication and family time could be significantly altered. Trips through the yard may no longer include cursing over forgotten yard toys. Yelling that disturbs the neighbors may finally be a thing of the past. Fights may decrease between you and your spouse now that you both have a place to go create, relax, or just breathe in peace for a second. 



Other side effects may include: sparked creativity in your partner. Watch for more handmade quilts littering the master bedroom, handmade pieces of furniture showing up in the living room, and paintings being traded out regularly in the dining room. (You may also discover they know how to paint.)



Some new shed customers experience a rush of euphoria over all of the newly created extra space. This could result in increased purchases such as gardening equipment, pool toys, power tools, Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, 4th of July decorations, Easter decorations, birthday decorations, back to school decorations , national dog day decorations, etc. 



Here’s a list of potentially hazardous things a new shed will help you avoid: 

-sore heads from falling boxes in walk-in closets

-stumped toes from tools littering the kitchen floor

-icy hands from removing snow on cars (your garage is free!)

-screaming kids and burnt fingers from too-hot-to-handle cars and seatbelts (everyone has missed the garage!) 



Cook Portable Warehouses is not responsible for any of the positive side effects you may (OK, definitely will) experience in the event you do purchase a Cook shed. 

Nixa Handyman Shed on level ground

Curious as to what your new storage solution might look like? Want to know more about the options your new shed can include? Build your shed online, right now!