6 Reasons to Start the New Year with a New Shed

New Year with a new Shed

It’s the time for planning vacation days, new adventures, and making new resolutions. The new year brings a lot of possibilities! One of the best investments you can make in the new year, is purchasing a long lasting, well built portable building.

Why should you start the new year with a new shed? Here are six reasons to consider as you make plans for days ahead.

  • You need room for your stuff.

Everyone has stuff. Whether it’s old decorations, tools, lawn equipment, everyone needs more space for their things. When you need room for your stuff, you know Cook is where to turn. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just for storage boxes, garden tools or larger equipment. There is a shed to fit everyone’s needs with our various shed styles.

  • You need a dedicated place for your favorite hobby.

Stop squeezing your hobby supplies into a corner of your old shed or a corner of your living room. You can create the perfect hobby space with a quality built portable building from Cook.

Do you need a woodworking workshop? Do you enjoy crafts or sewing? A Cook portable shed makes a great foundation and framework for your workspace. You can outfit your shed with electricity and even insulation and drywall if you need it. Remember to check with your local building ordinances and a local contractor/electrician to ensure you’re creating a safe environment for you and your family.  Learn more about converting a shed into a great hobby space here!

  • You want to stop worrying about your belongings in your rundown shed.

When built with top grade wood and materials, you can count on your shed for decades.

If you have a rundown shed, you may be worried about leaks, weather damage or insects getting inside. With a Cook shed, we work with only top grade lumber and materials.

As you search for the right shed, ask about the construction features. With Cook for instance, we use shallow groove siding which adds durability to the building’s sidewalls. It helps protect the inner plys from weather exposure, which can result in the separation of the plywood. Our sidewalls include double stud construction where sheets of siding meet. This prevents separation from the expansion and contraction of the siding and adds strength to the entire wall system.

As we construct and engineer these sheds, we aren’t just thinking about how it looks, but how long it will last the customer. Learn about all of the features that make a Cook shed a smart choice here.

  • You need to free up closet space or clear out a spare bedroom.

Are you wrestling with your closets? Has your spare room transformed from a place for the in-laws into a giant storage mess? As the new year begins, open your home up to more possibilities. Cut down on clutter so you’ll have more closet space, or create a hobby room out of your spare bedroom like you’d always planned. Or just open your home up to having more guests throughout the year. A shed can hold the things you still need or want, but will keep it out of your way in everyday life.  

  • You want to improve your home’s value and landscape.  

Have you considered how a new shed will impact your landscape? Adding a portable building can help you declutter your yard or garage by safely storing tools and equipment. Plus, if you’re considering moving one day, a portable shed could actually help increase your home’s value! Read about that here!

  • You would like to lower your stress level.

No one wants to be stressed as a new year begins. It may sound strange, but a storage shed can actually help lower your stress level! When you have enough space for everything and can easily find what you need, your life and schedule feel a little less cluttered.

As you can see a portable shed is a great addition to your new year! See why our customers love their Cook shed! 

Ready to build your shed? Click here! If you’re considering whether a storage shed is the right choice for you, download our free resource below.