Setting up a Holiday Guest House in your Shed

Setting up a Holiday Guest House

The holidays are a busy time that usually includes inviting guests to stay with you, sometimes for a long period of time. The in-laws come for a few weeks or a sibling’s family needs a place to stay for all of the family holiday festivities.

But, with that many people in the house it can quickly get a little overwhelming. So, why not make your shed an extension of your home! We have some great tips for setting up a holiday guest house in your shed.

Here is a great resource to get you started if you’re just now turning your shed into a guest room. If you already have your shed set up, here are some additional ways to make your portable building feel a little more like home for your guests.

Keep it warm and cozy

Adding electricity and heating a space is something you need to discuss with your local electrician. There are many ways to get electricity run to your shed. Check out this article for some options to explore!  

Other ways to make sure the shed stays cozy is by adding insulation and finishing the inside. Adding thick curtains to the windows or even just ensuring there are plenty of blankets at their disposal can help them stay cozy in their room!

Create more privacy

Think about how to separate your room into additional areas. This will help add privacy and make it feel like more of a tiny home and not just a bedroom.

Use room dividers, see-through bookshelves (make sure these are secure), or even just curtains/sheets. Use these to separate the bed from a small sitting or work area. Or use them to simply hide some of the storage you couldn’t find a place for.

The little things make it feel like home

Think about the little things that they may need in their room. Here’s a list of some items to ensure you leave for them to make them feel more at home:

-A welcome card: Let them know how excited you are to have them here! It will immediately make them feel welcome and not like an inconvenience.

-Snack basket: Don’t make them traipse through the yard at night to grab a late night snack. Especially if they are dealing with jet lag, they may be hungry at off times from your dinner schedule. Here are some items to include: protein bars, water bottles, gum, candy, peanut butter and crackers, chips, cereal, etc. Try to find out what they like to snack on before they come so you can stock up on those items.

-Extra pillows and blankets: Give them one more blanket than you think they’ll actually need. Everyone’s temperature is a little different so make sure they have more than enough to keep them warm.

-Bluetooth speaker: This way they can play music or podcasts they enjoy.

-Magazines and books: Your guests don’t want to feel in the way, so they may enjoy having something to retreat to their room to do. Help them relax and enjoy their time whether it’s with you or spending some alone time.

-Extension cord: If you do have electricity, make it clear to them what they can and can’t plug up according to your shed’s electrical capabilities. By adding an extension cord it can help them have enough plugs for charging their devices or plugging in their hair dryer and other small items like this.

-Add simple decorations: If they’re here for a certain holiday, add some simple decorations that you think they might have at their own home. It will help them stay in the holiday spirit and not get as home sick if they’ll be away from home for a while. Even just a festive door hanger on their entry can make it feel more like home.

-Create a well lit path: Make sure they can always find their way easily and safely from the shed to the main house. You may need to add stepping stones or a brick path so no one is trudging through muddy or wet grass walkways.

Remember, adding electricity to your shed should be handled by a licensed electrician. You also need to check with your local government for building codes and regulations before setting up your shed as a guest house.

If you’re still looking to buy a shed or portable building, visit a Cook Dealer! Cook sheds are built to last and are extremely versatile. Plus, below is a free download with great holiday DIY projects (directions included!).