Sheds Solve More Than Storage Problems


No one can ever have too much storage space it seems. But, sometimes you need more than just a place to store your old college memorabilia or Christmas decorations.

When you think of a shed you may picture the old wooden shed in your grandparent’s backyard with peeling paint and tons of junk shoved inside. If that’s the case they didn’t have a Cook shed! We take pride in building a long lasting portable building that will stand the test of time and weather. Even if it is filled with junk inside, the outside will continue to look great in your backyard! 

We use special flooring and siding materials that allow us to provide a Lifetime Warranty against all treated components. See all of our shed features and construction details here.

Since 1984, we’ve seen our sheds used in a variety of ways. We never tire seeing how our customers use their sheds, how they landscape around them or transform the inside. Our main purpose is to solve the problem of finding our customers more room for their stuff. But, “stuff” is different for every person. So, here are some common problems, besides only storage that a Cook portable building can solve.


Problem: “I need a space to call my own! I need an area that I can relax, to get away from the house and the office. I need a space I can just be.”

Solution: A Utility Shed or Cabin. These two shed styles are a great option if you’re wanting a she shed or man cave. Because all of our sheds are a blank canvas, you have the option to completely transform the inside to whatever you need it to be. See how ‘She Shed What?’ transformed her shed.



Problem: “I can’t work inside my house, there are too many distractions. But, I also can’t afford to rent office space in town.”

Solution: Turn a Premium Lofted Cabin or Handyman Shed into your office and storage space. Cook sheds are the perfect shell for your office. Once you’ve added electricity, heating/air, lighting, Wifi, computers, etc. you’ll love going to the office! The Handyman Shed gives you two rooms, so you can have one room for storage and then the other side can be your office. Or, the cabin style has a great loft area for those extra items you want to hide away. This is a great setup, with your office just steps from your back door, but also still a private space for you to get work done. See how you can turn a backyard shed into an office.

shed office

Problem:We desperately need more storage. But, I’ve also always dreamed of having my own hobby space. A place I can finally organize and use all of my tools and equipment. If I had the space, I’d do more of what I really love.”

Solution: Then you need exactly that, more storage PLUS a workspace. The Lofted Barn or Handyman shed styles provide this. You can either store things in the loft or in the second room inside the Handyman. Plus, the Handyman has two workbenches already built in, perfect for small home and gardening projects.


Problem: “We have harsh winters, sap during the Summers, and it’s rough on my new car! I know I can’t afford to have an attached garage built, but I really want more protection than just a metal carport.”

Solution:  Did you realize you could have a car garage delivered right to your backyard? A Lofted Garage or Garage style is a great solution if you’re wanting protection for your car but also need a little extra storage space freed up in your home. If you choose the loft, you’ll love the added space it gives you while also keeping your floor clear for easy access to your vehicle every day.


Your shed can solve your storage needs, but, with the right style shed you can also have what you really desire… a man cave, an office, a garage!

If you’re ready to start building, get started here. Or, if you’re wanting to ask a few more questions or see your options in person, we recommend visiting your local dealer lot. Find the closest dealer to you here. {{cta(‘5d89cec5-717a-4259-8b4c-8b65bcdb952b’,’justifycenter’)}}