Storing Items for Winter in Your Shed

Temperatures will continue to dip so now is the time to begin thinking through how you’ll store items through winter. In your garage? Your shed? Under the bed? 

Whether it’s summer clothes or outdoor lawn equipment, you’ll need a safe place to store it during the colder months. 

The great thing is that a Cook shed makes this process so much easier!  Cook sheds are available in many different styles to fit your needs. You can even split up your space, the Lofted Barn being a great option if you’re needing room for storage but also for large equipment. Or, the Handyman offers two spaces for you to enjoy your hobby and also store extra belongings.

So, as a part of your fall cleaning routine, put away those summer items until you need them again. You want to make sure you put these items away in a secure spot, away from bugs and the elements. Cook portable buildings help you declutter the garage and your closets so you have room for seasonal clothes, recreational items and equipment.  

Storing Winter Items in Your Shed

Here are some tips for how to properly store items in your shed this winter.

Store Clothes: Get plastic tubs to store your summer clothes so you have space in your closet for your other seasonal wear.  Before storing, you should always thoroughly clean the tub and your clothes, ensuring no moisture is left. If your shed is not climate controlled, you may need to store your clothes in another area. Read here for more tips.  

Store Equipment: You’ll need that extra winter equipment easily accessible throughout the season. Make sure items like snow shovels, ice melt, and sleds are found toward the front of the shed. If you have chemicals like ice melt, be sure to keep these properly sealed and out of reach of children.

You never know when electricity may go out. If you have a generator, it’s always a good idea to keep this properly maintained and regularly test it. Though you may store your generator in a shed when it’s not in use, remember, never use a generator inside an enclosed space. Remember these safety tips!

Plus, a portable shed is the perfect location for storing lawn equipment. Leaving a lawn mower out in the elements all winter may leave you without one next spring. Keep your garden tools and landscaping equipment safe from rust and wear by storing them inside your garage or shed. 

-Store Decorations: You may already be adding to your collection. As you store those summer items, start organizing your winter decorations. This includes things like wreaths, doormats, figurines etc. Purchase and label containers so as each holiday comes and goes you’ll know exactly where everything is stored.emergency supplies to gather winter storage checklist


-Store Emergency Supplies: Winter can be a harsh time, especially if the lights go out. So, make sure you have the emergency supplies you need both in the house and out in your shed. Think through what you might need like extra toilet paper, duct tape, tool set, lanterns, hand warmers, sleeping bags, first aid kit and emergency blankets. You can read our lesser-known emergency kit list here. It’s best if all of these things are stored together, labeled and checked each fall so you know you have what you need before any emergency arises.

Decluttering and organizing is a step toward being ready for all that winter holds in store. The good and the bad. Ready to add a shed to your storage mix? Remember with Cook, you have rent to own options, warranties included and each shed built in a quality controlled environment. Choose your style and let’s get started!