How to Turn your Shed into the Perfect Greenhouse

We’ve talked about why our Cook Garden Sheds are perfect for any gardener from a beginner with just a few plants to an expert with a very green thumb. Our Garden Shed is the place to keep your supplies, equipment, potting soil, plants, herbs and much more! But during those long, dark winter months often gardening is put on hold. … Read More

How to Get Creative with Falling Leaves

Those piles of brown and green leaves covering your yard are a constant reminder that task has been on the to-do list for way too long. As long as there are still leaves in the trees on your property, you need to rake them weekly, if possible. Continue this process up until the first heavy winter storms hit your area. … Read More

7 Tips to Prepare your Lawn for Winter Hibernation

We have talked a lot about the importance of getting your possessions prepped and ready for winter storage. Learn more about preparing your grill in this post and all your outdoor accessories in this post! But we don’t want to forget about your lawn care and maintenance needs. Just like with proper storage techniques, a little work now will ensure … Read More

Home and Yard Tasks for your Fall To-Do List

Although the cool weather of fall is one of our favorite times of year, it’s a hint that the cold winds of winter will be blowing through a little too soon! And, there are important tasks that need to be completed around your house and yard before the cold season starts and the snow and ice start falling.

6 Tips to Make Raking Leaves Quicker and Easier

The beginning of fall brings a ton of great things! From cooler weather, to pumpkin spiced everything and great holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there is a lot to like about the season. But, one not so fun thing about fall is all those leaves “falling” from the sky! No one wants to spend their weekend raking or spend their … Read More

Creative Backyard DIY Projects for Spring

Nice spring weather means weekends spent outside soaking up the sun, getting some exercise or just having fun, rather than on the couch. Along with spring cleaning and gardening chores, what else do you have planned for your free time this spring? Well, at Cook we love a good project and we definitely love making space more efficient. These 4 … Read More

5 Important Early Spring Gardening Tasks

One of the best parts of Spring is watching your garden bloom with colorful flowers, healthy vegetables and fragrant herbs. Gardening is a great way to relive stress, get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a beginner, planting for the first time, or a seasoned gardener, it’s important to start early on in Spring to ensure success.

How to Prepare your Garden for Growing Season

Having a blooming, beautiful garden starts early in the spring and requires a lot of work. With a little preparation now in the early days of spring, you will be ready for the busy later months and have the prettiest garden on the block! An early start to the gardening season is the best way to stay prepared! Another smart … Read More

10 Early Spring Maintenance Musts for your Home

Spring has officially begun yay! We all survived the cold, dark and snowy winter and everyone is now ready to get outside and start having some fun! So soak up the warmer weather by gardening, getting some exercise or just lounging around outside reading a book. But along with all the fun stuff that comes with spring, there are also … Read More

DIY Storage Ideas for your Garden Shed

Reusing and repurposing things you already have around your home is a great way to save money and make the more environmental friendly choice. And there are so many items around your house that can be recycled and made new again with a little creative thinking! If your Cook shed is primarily used to store all your plants, gardening supplies … Read More