The Best Portable Shed Options to Fit your Purpose


There are tons of possibilities for a backyard shed. It’s not just for storage you know. As you search for your portable building, start with your purpose and then let your local dealer help direct you to the best shed styles for your needs. 

Our Cook dealers are a great resource when you have specific questions about what you can do with your sheds. Here are a couple of common questions they hear from customers.

The best way to visualize which Cook shed will work best for your needs is to take a walk through your local Cook dealer lot.  You can take a virtual tour of any of the sheds mentioned below, but as one Cook dealer points out, there is still something to be said for seeing the quality, size and colors in person.  

If you’ve never seen a Cook shed in person, you may not realize that it isn’t like any other shed.  The materials used and the quality of the workmanship put into each of our buildings is unmatched and we have the guarantee to back it up!

The building quality of Cook sheds make them extremely versatile and customers are always finding new unique ways to use their portable building.

If you already have a specific purpose in mind for your shed, then here are some of the best portable shed options for you.

She Shed:


Are you looking to create a She Shed? Before you start adding all of the pretty trimmings, decide on a shed that will help you accomplish the look you want in your backyard.

You can customize the Garden Shed or the Utility Shed to make the perfect getaway for you to relax or enjoy your favorite hobby.

Garden Shed Tall 10X12

With the Garden Shed, you have the shutters and flower box already added; but if you customize the Utility shed you can also add these features. You can even add an extra window if you like.  

Tool Shed, Garden/Yard Supplies

One of the traditional uses of a shed is to store outdoor equipment such as tools, mowers, garden tools, etc.  For this, honestly, ANY of the Cook sheds can fulfill this purpose but here are our top favorites for this purpose:

Garden Shed: Gives you lots of space to work and store equipment while also giving an added fashionable touch to your yard.

Garden Shed, Storing Garden Tools


Lofted Barn: If you have mowers to move in and out of your shed, this might be a better option for you. You can store those larger items below, while your loft has your extra storage boxes out of sight until you need them again.

Lofted Barn 10X12


Tool shed:  This is a basic shed but can be upgraded with flower boxes and a window.  It’s offered in two sizes: 8×12’ and 10×12’.  

Tool Shed 08X12(4)

Man Cave

The best options for a man cave, would be the Utility Shed, the Handyman or the Lofted Barn. All of these options are customizable. You can add extra windows or another door.  


If you strictly want a man cave, then the Utility Shed is a great option. It’s one of the most versatile Cook buildings. But, if you want to split your space, having some storage and a workspace too, then consider the Handyman or Lofted Barn.  

The Lofted Barn, you can have your man cave downstairs, while still having a little extra storage on the loft to keep your spouse happy.  

Handyman - Lofted 12X24(6)-1

Or, keep everything separate with the Handyman shed. This shed features two separate rooms. It already has workbenches built in, and a loft on one side of the building.  You can keep storage on one side and on the other side create the perfect man cave!


The Utility Shed is probably the best option for businesses.  You can customize it to give it a more welcoming look with windows and flower boxes. You can also add the kind of doors you want on it.  This shed comes in a variety of sizes all the way up to a 12×32’ portable building.  


It also offers a loft option if you need extra storage space.  Just add this to the custom options when you build your shed online. 

Utility 10X12(8)

The great thing about Cook sheds, is if you explain what you need, your Cook Dealer will work with you to help you create the shed that will work best for your business.


Store Vehicles & Extra Stuff

If you need to store your vehicles (ie. car, motorcycle, ATV) then consider Cook’s garage options.  The Garage is made with a heavy duty floor system, specifically designed to uphold large equipment and vehicles. It has a ¾” floor decking and floor joists 12” on center. This shed also comes with a loft option.




Though, if you want higher ceilings with more loft space, the Lofted Garage is a better option for you.  It offers the most cubic space and the longer sidewalls offer plenty of headroom. This way, you can store the vehicles you need with plenty of extra storage space in the loft area.  


Both of these options already have a side door and window included in the package price, as well as the garage door.  



If you’re looking to have the ultimate workshop, then the Handyman is the best option!  


With the partition wall, you can keep your space even more organized, having storage on one side and a workspace on the other. Plus, the loft and built-in workbenches are an added bonus to this spacious portable building.


Cook sheds are extremely versatile, durable and easily customizable, no matter which style you choose.  Let’s get started building your shed today!